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  1. Thank you for the info. I'll look at this more ready but if I seek an alternative to Photoshop is to find at least the same functions. For me Affinity can not currently replace PSD but be a complement. Clip Paint Studio as elsewhere.
  2. It happens that I work in comics (for an editor). And images "lines" are usually in Tiff 1 bit Bitmap. These images must retain that resolution and transparency is managed by the postscript fashion "overprint" ... which is much faster and more respectful of the original color that we place below. We also have the problem of the Manga that comes Bitmap Tiff 1 bit and that should not change under penalty method to obtain moiré. Today we are working with Photoshop but I'd like to propose an alternative.
  3. Hello, I can not find a Bitmap mode in 1-bit Photo Affinity off I need to process files that keeps strictly their mode and their resolution. This is copydot files and it is important that it be treated as such. It is provided a 1-bit Mode? If that were the case , it might be interesting to have a true improvement over Photoshop that generates moiré patterns when you want the resample . (This messages was à Google Translate). Clyde