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  1. Unless Dave 1946 meant bitmap as in 1-bit color mode. None of the Affinity apps currently support that. I've already said it in a couple of threads elsewhere, but the absence of bitmap image support renders the otherwise fantastic suite of apps ultimately unusable for many graphic design professionals who deal mostly with print.
  2. midsummer

    It keeps crashing...

    Sounds like you don't really know what the beta means. When you downloaded the free beta version you read this: Affinity Publisher is not ready. It was not meant to be ready at this stage. It only works well enough now that we can test it, see if we like the interface & the way it works, and tell the developers which features we'd like to see in the future. Crashes are only to be expected. I think it's very cool that the developers made this beta open and free for all – they didn't have to do that. So the least the relatively small group of developers deserve for their efforts is that we keep our feedback constructive, don't you think? Don't expect the level of support that you'd get for a finished product. Software development is not easy. Developing a complex suite of design software is not easy – that's why there are so few practical alternatives for Adobe's applications for professionals. I think Publisher looks very promising right now, pretty much as I expected. At beta stage I didn't expect to be able to do any actual work with it. I won't take on any big, demanding design projects with Publisher before I know it's feature complete. Remember how the first version of InDesign was still practically unusable? People waited for it for a long time, and when it arrived, it had loads of bugs and missing features. It also cost a lot of money, and it was supposed to be finished & ready for production work. Now you should maybe take a little breather and read through your post again and see how it sounds.
  3. midsummer

    Bitmap Color Format

    Now that Affinity Publisher is around the corner, it would be very strange if the suite of programs didn't get 1-bit bitmap support at some point, although it still doesn't seem to be on the public roadmap. I often need to work with screen printed CD and DVD labels, which all require bitmaps and spot colors. Every design job I get also involves placing barcodes and logos in printed materials, and around half of these logos are bitmaps too. I know that everybody's always grumbling about that one particular feature they'd like to have and take personal offence if it's not immediately available. But I find the lack of 1-bit color space a really fundamental (and perplexing) flaw, since it's so essential in professional design work, and the Affinity applications are so versatile and mature otherwise. I like Photo and Designer, but currently they are little more than curiosities for me, since I can't fully use them in my workflow. I have to stick to my old Adobe CS5 applications for now. (The lack of threaded text boxes in Designer is another major bummer, by the way.)
  4. I often need to design CD packaging, including barcodes and silkscreened CD labels. 1-bit bitmap images are crucial for design jobs like these. I very much hope that the bitmap color mode will find its way to Affinity Photo in some future update. I already bought the program and I'd very much like to switch over from Photoshop, and right now it's only the bitmap issue that's holding me back.