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  1. Has this been added yet? It has been 3 whole years with no comment. At this rate I'll be using gimp mainly and affinity for the extra functions.
  2. Sorry for necroing an old thread but has any developer clarified this yet? It is worrying that professional software I paid for does nearest neighbor resampling for something very integral to the image manipulation process.
  3. Thanks for the responses, glad to know it's a planned feature. "Mask to below" works like a charm for now!
  4. As stated in the title, I need to crop an image layer without rasterizing the layer
  5. I am currently using GIMP to edit indexed color and it is very frustrating when a paid image editing program is unable to do it.
  6. fannypack

    Log scale for histogram in AP

    And to add on, for scopes too.
  7. Does this feature exist yet?
  8. I just realized that the lens correction does not apply when doing a HDR Merge of raw files!
  9. Thanks for pointing that out, Sean. I was so used to autocrop that I kind of assumed it wasn't corrected. I believe giving the user the option to use their own crop is a great feature!
  10. Hi, would it be possible to implement a log (logarithmic) scale for histograms? It would be easier to see small pixel counts without having to mouse over. Cheers.
  11. fannypack

    Call for Camera Images

    Uploaded a set of RAW + OOC JPEG for the Canon G1X MKII. Hope it is of use. Cheers.
  12. Hi, I have the windows store version of Affinity Photo and it does not correct the lens for my camera (Canon G1X Mark II) automatically. Please use the attached sample if necessary. IMG_0866.CR2