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  1. Also please make the displacement map viewable / editable similar to a mask.
  2. Please see below the same done with I have tried the Clear User Data advised by MEB, but it does not solve this.
  3. Exact same steps reproduce it in the beta for me. I will record another video.
  4. Hi, When setting Hard mix Blend mode in RGB/16 it renders incorrectly with vertical banding in Photo beta. See screenshot below
  5. When deleting a layer group which contain the currently active pixel layer the layers panel becomes broken and no longer show any layers later created in Photo beta. See animation below.
  6. Hi, When halftone live filter is placed in a layer group it renders incorrectly with a grid visible in Photo beta. The rendering is correct when the filter is moved out of the layer group. See attached example afphoto file. halftone_render_issue.afphoto
  7. Hi, Reflect Blend mode is not working when using LAB mode in Photo beta. Acts as if Normal mode would be chosen. See attached example file Reflect blend mode broken in LAB.afphoto
  8. shojtsy

    Photo: Error in Distort > Equations

    You wanted to say "x_input = 2*x_output" I suppose
  9. shojtsy

    Photo: Error in Distort > Equations

    He said "For *output* pixel x=25, apply equation x=x*2 to read from *input* pixel 50.." Since 50=25*2, so he meant InputX = OutputX * 2.
  10. shojtsy

    Background blur?

    Sounds like a re-occurring issue with understanding terminology used by many people. "Non-destructive" is often understood as having the ability to do steps A, B, C, then return to whatever changes/settings were applied at step A and being able to modify them withing having to redo steps B and C, and still get the same image as if you would have re-done steps B and C. You might say that "non-destructive" is not a good name for this ability, but you should understand that it is viewed as a benefit by many. Since Affinity obviously aspires to be non-destructive in this sense with the many live adjustments, so it makes sense to point out that neither of the solutions presented can achieve that. Consider step A to be the creation of the shape, step B being the creation of blur layer, and step C being the copy of the shape to be also a mask of the blur layer. You can not change the parameters or type of shape (step A) and get a consistent result, without also repeating step C and copy the new shape to be mask of the blur. Edit: Note that I am assuming that one would like to reproduce the original Background Blur, not just a blur masked to a shape. In proper background blur you have a shape/image with it's own colors and when that is blended in, the background color used for blending is blurred before blending. See the animation with the watch earlier where the layer with background blur has a darker gray color and text as well.
  11. shojtsy

    Photo: Error in Distort > Equations

    Since the equations are used to determine what the input x and input y are, the x and y occurring within them will surely refer to output x and output y. I don't think they went and implemented an equation system solver!
  12. shojtsy

    Deleted mask remains displayed

    Please see screen-recording. This time a mask is applied to a shape, but not much difference.
  13. shojtsy

    Photo: Error in Distort > Equations

    Results are consistent with the origin being at the top, and y being further and further negative going down.