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  1. Kind of annoying, still not to have such an elementary file format in an application that claims to be for the pros...
  2. Even with "All layers" unchecked in the OPs document, Photo selects more slowly than in a newly created document with only the background layer in it. But with "All alyers" checked in the original documents it takes ages to select...
  3. If you add presets for your LUTs you will find a preview thumbnail for each of them in the adjustment panel under LUT. Very small but at least somekind of preview. I would rather like to see the possibility to choose a LUT from a drop down list similar to the blend modes list with live preview when hovering over the items.
  4. To come back to Windows: In software developing I sometimes have to use so called ImageLists which in my developing environment can only deal with .bmp or .ico-files So at the moment I have to export the graphics as .tiff, open them in Windows Paint and save them back as .bmp.
  5. Same here with on Windows 10. Photo closes as soon as you try to move the selection, no matter whether there is no actual layer (like in your screenshot) ot there is one.I know that this bug wasn't in previous versions. EDIT: Seems like ths was fixed in the current beta
  6. Fill layers do not respond to live filters. I have tried "Add noise", "Vignette", "Halftone", "Voronoi" and "Procedural textures". Well, as far as I know, fill layers internally are vector objects and thus might be treated different from pixel layers, but on the other hand the forementioned live filters are applicable to vector shapes such as rectangles or ellipses. So, why not use a flood-filled pixel layer? Well, the main reason for using a fill layer is the possibility to change the colour on the fly right from the colour picker dialogue. The flood fill tool is cumbersome to use here. I just made a strange discovery: When you rasterise a fill layer, its label changes to Pixel. So far, so good. From now on all the live filters work as expected. Ok. But when you now go to the colour picker and change the colour, the "pixel" layer is updated as if it was still a fill layer. So why doesn't a fill layer respond to live filters in the first place? Windows 10, AP 1.8.3
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