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  1. Go to View -> Studio and check Info. Is this what you mean?
  2. I don't think it is a problem with Windows as OS but with the Windows versions of AP and AD. The mouse clicks themselves seem to be registered correctly by the apps, otherwise the highlighting of the current brush in the list wouldn't work. The following brush change doesn't reliably occur, so it looks like a problem in the communication between single app modules.
  3. Seems to be a Windows issue.
  4. I noticed that the feathering only happens to the sides which are transformed. E.g. if you extend the rectangle to the right, only the right side of the selection is feathered. AP Windows
  5. Same behaviour here in both apps, most of the time it works fine but sometimes, maybe in some 5-10%, the brush stroke does not change to the currently selected brush type. AD and AP, Windows 8.1 Looks like a very hard to find bug... Edit: Used my laptop's touchpad to test the behaviour.
  6. When I paint on the mask layer the pixel laxer thumbnail changes but the mask layer thumbnail does not. AP Looks like a bug for me.
  7. Thanks, Chris.
  8. That is true, but the assistant does not kick in when you try to flood select on an image layer or make a selection and try to copy it somewhere else. In this case just nothing happens.
  9. When manipulating a layer mask by using the paint brush tool or even simply inverting it, the corresponding layer icon/thumbnail in the layer stack does not update.
  10. After placing an image file in a document the newly created layer is of the "Image"-type, which might be ok to avoid recompressing the image, if you plan to export the document as pdf. But it is necessary to ratserize this layer in order to make pixel manipulations to it. I forget to do this almost every time I place an image, thus pixel manipulations just do not work but AP does not even complain that it is an image layer I want to work on... So it would be very handy to have a menu item "Place As Pixel Layer...". I think this could be solved by a macro, but I would prefer the command in the "File" menu.
  11. With CTRL+left click on a layer icon it is possible to create a selection from the contents of this layer. In PS (I know, AP is not PS...) you can use SHIFT or ALT as modifiers for adding to, subtracting from or intersecting with an existing selection. I would like to see this in AP, too. For adding two or more layers to a single selection there is at least a workaround: make a group from the layers you want the selection from and CTRL+left click the group layer icon to get a selection made of the "summed up" content of each of the grouped layers. However I haven't either figured out a way to realize the other operations or how to modify an existing selection with "selection from layer".
  12. Thanks a lot Michail , indeed it works with "New Layer with Mask". Good to know! But anyway it seems like a bug that final result and preview are different when choosing "Mask".
  13. Inside the "Refine selection" dialog when I select "Transparent" I get a preview that is slightly different from the result after applying the mask. I made some screenshots to demonstrate this behaviour: 1. Make a selection, then choose "Refine Selection": 2. Choose "Transparent" from "Preview", the legs of the subject show only a very small halo: 3. Choose output as mask and apply, now the halo has become much more visible, which is quite different from the preview: Why is there a difference between the preview and the final result? (The images were taken from "Compositing in Photoshop From Start to Finish" with Bret Malley on )