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  1. chrisA

    No further development?

    Being myself a software developer for some decades, I know quite well the difference between tomato soup (I am quite experienced in cooking, too). When you start a beta-phase of a new release, you are going to several iterations to get a stable product. The meaning of a beta phase is to asked customers for feat-back. Doing a beta is getting help from customers on testing without having to pay for it. If there is a communication between customers and development team, this is a win-win-stituation. But if there is no response to reported errors in form of a improved version, the beta-phase becomes meaningless. Although Apple does not allow for a software release cycle of more than a year. Every year there is a new version of MacOS and Apple doesn't hesitate to include breaking changes. This is different form Windows, where you can use still use years old software. So, if not at least some developers still make the necessary fixes, we might loose our beloved software after upgrading to High Sierra.
  2. It is nearly 2 months since the last new Beta of Affinity Photo. It seems to me that there is no development anymore. New features would be nice, but at least I would expect the bugs to be fixed. Has everyone, who was working on Affinity Photo, really left the company or is assigned to other projects?
  3. chrisA

    Font Kokonor

    1) There are indeed people living outside of Asia with a strong interest in asian languages. 2) Affinity Designer should still handle the font nicely and not switch to a default without further comment.
  4. chrisA

    Font Kokonor

    The Font Kokonor comes with OSX (MacOS). It is not possible to use this font in Affinity Designer. If you select this font, as soon as you start typing, the font switches to Lucida Grande (with an exclamation mark in front of the font name). There is no problem with the font, when I use it in e.g. Pages.
  5. chrisA

    Document Units

    First thing: If you select New Document - Photo all sizes are in Inches. Nothing else. You only have a choice for "Print" documents. Why do you offer to change the units after selecting the document, when you expect that the user will work with the units of the preset? This is inconsistent. Even if I have to work with a format, which was originally defined in inches, I would prefer to with metric units, because I think this way. And my real world tools are that way. I don't want to use a calculator to get from my understanding of the world to something the program forces me to use. BTW. There were satellites lost, because some people still don't use metric units.
  6. chrisA

    Document Units

    When I start a new document, I have a list of presets. Those presets have the strange unit of "inch" - whatever this may be. I can than change the document units to something meaningful like centimetres or pixels. 1) It would be nice, if the presets would reflect this change. 2) When I change to a different preset, the document units revert to "inches". This is a behaviour, which is only meaningful, if you have the intention to annoy the user. While the British people have decided to stay away from Europe, please respect at least, that other people prefer to stay away from British units of measurement.
  7. chrisA

    Layer Mask transparency

    Hi Leigh, please reread the question again. If you have only a little bit of understanding what masks are used for, you will find, that you didn't answer it at all. What was asked for is some meaningful way to EDIT existing masks. If you edit masks you get a black and white picture of the mask. If you are not able to see your photo, there is no meaning in this functionality. That is editing blindfolded. To make it useful the edit mask should be displayed as overlay to the photo. As for the erase brush tool, there seems to be something wrong. For me it only paints black irrespective what color I choose.
  8. chrisA

    Text to path: character baseline bug

    I am well aware that I can shift the entire line. This works as expected. But, indeed, I want to shift individual characters.
  9. I just downloaded the latest beta. The bug which prevents text to path to acknowledge a change of baseline for a single character is still not fixed. To reproduce: - create path - add text - select a single character and open the character window - change baseline The marquee is stretched, underline, if existing, is moved, the mark of the spell checker is moved, but the character isn't. I attached a screenshot where you can see, how it really looks like and as comparison normal box text, where you can see how it is supposed to look like. I would really appreciate this being fixed.
  10. chrisA

    Strange behaviour with type on a path

    In addition to that the character baseline doesn't work in this case. If you change the baseline, the marker and, if there, the red underline from the spell checker are moved, but not the character.
  11. chrisA

    Deleting layers

    Is there a good reason why it isn't possible to delete any layer, while there is an active selection. And if there is a reason, why is the option "delete" for layers still active, when something is selected, and no response at all?
  12. chrisA

    Affinity Photo Public Beta (

    I played around especially with selecting and masking and stumbled on a lot of strange things. Often the program seems to get in an inconsistent state, but it is hard to describe, how do get there. Two things, which are reproducible: - While anything is selected, it is not possible to delete a layer. - More complicated: Load image, duplicate layer, do box-selection on each of the layers. CMD-drag selection. First strange thing is that the application will switch to the crop tool after end of drag. Second there is a hole (alpha = 100 %) on each of the layers of the size of the initial selections. Strangely both are on the same place. That is, the second "hole" is not at the place of the second selection, but at the place of the first. BTW. The usability of the layer effects would be greatly improved if after checking a specific effect, the corresponding parameters would be shown. Especially because it is not clear for which effect parameters are displayed, this is quite confusing.
  13. chrisA

    Affinity Designer Customer Beta (1.0.21861)

    I'm from Germany, but for all of my computers the system language is English. So I'm not bothered with all those pseudo-German computer terms in software packages.
  14. chrisA

    Transparency and Gradient Tool

    When I'm using the transparency tool and I'm selecting some objects I do this with the clear intent of having transparency on this object afterwards. So I really don't see, why it would lower productivity if there is transparency added. This transparency may be even 0. I don't want you to change the workflow. But I don't agree with your point that initially handles would make no sense. One basic principle of UI design is that there needs always be a visual feedback to any of the user's action. Right now I have no idea, if I hit the right objects before I start dragging. The other thing is that currently Affinity is a brand-new product so that nearly everybody is a beginner coming from other programs. Also I think that the majority of users will not make a living of using Affinity everyday. A lot of users need a powerful program every now and than. So it's harder to get used to all the rough edges in usability.
  15. chrisA

    Transparency and Gradient Tool

    I'm not new to software development. In fact I was in the business for over 20 years. But your ideas of usability seem quiet weird to me. I have an object with no transparency. I want to have some. So I use the transparency tool. I click on an object. So the expectation is, that now there is some transparency. For some odd reasons after clicking this transparency is zero. This is a usability problem found in many open source projects. There should be a reasonable start value. The user doesn't know if she really successfully activated the tool for any object. The status bar still says "click object to select it." You should be in a state where the object is already selected and this doesn't make any send. It says "Drag handles to change selection's fill." But there are no fucking handles right now. If you want to deter beginners that's the right design decision. Otherwise you should think again. It may be helpful to look at the discussions within the Blender community concerning UI last year. Blender is a great tool, but a lot of thinks are unnecessary difficult, because the developer doesn't care about first time user of a tool.