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  1. Hello. Anyone know any other way to create a layer from a selection? Thanks
  2. When I try to turn a selection into a layer the program close. I attach an explanatory file Attach. Windows 10. Las version of Affinity Photo.
  3. Hello. I see the new feature. Drag and drop layers from one document to another. Can someone indicate or explain I have tried in various ways with no results Thank
  4. Hello. Thanks. Sometimes I need large print copies and I have noticed that changing the resolution before Raw processing, the result is somewhat better than resampling at the end of the edition.
  5. I would like to know if it is possible, as happens in Adobe Camera Raw, to be able to define the points per inch -dpp- of a RAW before to start the processing of the file with a higher resolution than the RAW originally has. Thank you. Quisiera saber si es posible como pasa en Camera Raw de Adobe poder definir los puntos por pulgada -dpp- e iniciar el procesamiento del raw con una resolución mayor de la que tiene en origen el RAW, Gracias.
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