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  1. Out of curiosity have you tried changing the render method from the video card to WARP, and disabling OpenCL?
  2. Ironically in the windows 95~XP era that was my #3 advice for fixing virtually all weird issues in windows. If you couldn't fix it by restarting or with in 20mins of basic trouble shooting you were probably better off reformatting. Windows Vista-8.1 still had quite a few reformat modems, mostly caused by hard drives and ram malfunctions corrupting system files, but since Windows 10 though half of everything that really seems like it could be fixed with reformatting isn't and now it's one of those things that when people bring it up I'm more likely to on the hesitant side of triple check for hardware issues first. Despite the fact with portable programs and modern hard drive speeds it can be pretty fast to reformat nowadays. Literally last week a friend of mine was having the weirdest monitor issues, and was chomping at the bit thinking reformatting would fix it for sure, and I was trying to talk him into doing more trouble shooting before hand. Unwilling to wait he reformatted the computer 4 times in a row before finally doing more testing and figuring out that the monitor was in fact the issue and it wasn't windows. On the bright side he got a killer deal and a nice monitor over black friday because of the timing.
  3. Interestingly you have an AMD video card where as the two people with issues have Nvidia cards. You wouldn't happen to have a Nvidia card to test in your computer would you? I'm just curious since I know with my own tests affinity seems to heavily favor AMD over Nvidia.
  4. In case you didn't read the whole thread, you to could probably do a fairly cheap in place CPU upgrade to a 5500/5600 which both work just fine with Affinity. Even if there is legit issues with old AMD CPUs and affinity given all the other stuff that goes unfixed I doubt you'll see much if any time invested into fixing it given AMDs tiny market share, especially during the 1xxx 2xxx Ryzen time. Attached is a screenshot of the AMD vs Intel Market share through those CPUs. As you can see there was a huge uptick when the 3xxxx series came out because they were vastly better CPUs. Now that said, the lagginess you've describing sounds quite intense and seems likely to be more a system issue. Things I'd do to get started: Open a command prompt as admin and run: sfc /scannow To check for any major system file issues, it's a good first step in any troubleshooting chain. Run a full passmark benchmark [free trial] to make sure the system is benchmarking close to what it should, if the CPU, RAM, Drives, or GPU aren't benchmarking close to what they should than there's almost certainly hardware/driver issues. Try the Nvidia game drivers instead of the studio drivers. Also try changing the render in Affinity to WARP, despite the devs telling me WARP should always be worse, I find on windows systems it's quite often better, especially on Nvidia systems. I have ancient AMD video cards that work far better with Affinity than my 1080 ti or 2070 super ever did. In my experience reporting issues to serif they prioritize Mac issues so their software runs far better on macs.
  5. If you do a full new built, I personally would go Intel this generation. It's fairly neck and neck overall, but AMD has been having some rough windows 11 driver issues, the motherboards are way cheaper on the Intel side, and overall Intel is playing the value side this time around you don't loss very total raw performance but you save hundreds of dollars between the CPU+Motherboard and even more if you opt for DDR4 instead of DDR5 which based on all the real world benchmarks I've found going DDR5 over DDR4 is really just bragging rights.
  6. Looks like the MSI B350 has gotten a lot of nice support so it would be a great candidate for a drop in upgrade. If you do multitasking you'd probably notice a good boost moving up to 32+GB of ram. With as bloated as programs and windows are nowadays. It's pretty easy to go over 16GB of RAM. Just looking at taskmanger now I only have an email client, a web browser with 1 tab open, a music player, steam,and a handful of background tools [AHK, Telegram, windowmanger..etc] and my system has 8GB of 64GB of ram committed and in use. I'm looking forward to a new video card upgrade too, though I'll wait until a couple months into the new year. Now that the markets stabilized I expect a pretty good price drop once the "new" rush ends.
  7. The in slot CPU upgrade is certainly an option, if supported by your motherboard. I'd highly recommend jumping to the 5600 since you do 3D work, but not the 5600x as it cost more and it's only a slight difference in overall power also don't get the 5600G it's an APU which you don't need in your setup since they sacrifice CPU power for integrated graphics [IGP] and you'd be better off saving even more money and going for the Ryzen 5 5500 [currently under $100] since it's about on par to the 5600G but without the integrated graphics. Which for the value the 5500 is the cheap and powerful upgrade as long as your motherboard supports it. Given the potential age of the motherboard I'd probably recommend avoiding the Ryzen 7 5800 or above as they bump up the TDP [power consumption] and even if the board can support it in the bios it has a high chance of leading to system unsuitability. Which brings up the fact that not all AM4 boards can do in place generation updates, especially that many generations. You'd want to look up the motherboard model number and make sure there's been a bios update that supports the newer CPU before buying one. Also make sure to flash the newer bios before updating the CPU otherwise you may wind up having to put the old CPU back in, in order to update the bios for the system to work with the new generation CPU.
  8. Really a lot of old computers do really good, it's mainly that AMD was lagging behind on the single thread for a long time. Which is one of the reasons why Zen 2+ which is what everyone else on this forum post has was such a big deal it really brought the fight back to intel. Since it's like your workstation, the 7700k is older than your 1700x but in a lot of real world settings the 7700k is just faster/better. I have a 7700k as pen display art computer literally sitting next to me. Than my old workstation was a Ryzen 5 3600 for virtually all real world things the 7700k was faster than the 3600. Intel 7700k [2016] raw 9667 single 2729 AMD 3600 [2019] raw 17805 Single 2569 the 3600 could only best the 7700k in: AAA gaming, 3D software rendering, Code compiling times, and software video encoding. Note only software rendering and encoding, since anything that used the video card the 7700k did just as good as the 3600 because they both had a 1080ti. Because I was super disappointed in the 3600 I moved up to the 5600x [Raw 21955 Single 3354] since it was an easy drop-in CPU replacement, and now my workstation/gaming system is noticeably faster than my art computer 7700k. I've also had a lot of other intel and AMD systems over the years, I built computers for friends and family, and usually kept them for a week or two to use as my main work computer to test stability. So I've gotten hands on experience with almost every generation of Intel and AMD cpu since the Intel Q9550 and the AMD Phenom 9550 Which despite having nearly the same model number and coming out at the same year the Q9550 from intel wipped the floor by miles with the Phenom 9550... The early Phenom days was also a bleak time in AMD history.
  9. There's a good chance it's just your CPU/Motherboard. My spare parts living room computer is a Intel Core i5-4670K which has pretty much the same single thread performance as the 1700x and uses a samsung 970 pro on an M2 slot that doesn't properly support it's speed and I went ahead and put AD 2.0 on it and it takes 37 seconds from icon click to blank load.
  10. If you're after page fault and the like details you are usually always better off with: Process Explorer: https://learn.microsoft.com/en-us/sysinternals/downloads/process-explorer Right click a column header > Select columns [only context menu option if you clicked in the right place] Process Memory tab > Page Fault check box. Than you can see the page fault for all active processes
  11. 1700X is not a great AMD cpu to compared to the 7700k and especially not to the 12700K. The 1700x has poor single thread performance especially if it's not paired with ideal ram, which could severely impact single thread bottle necked tasks like opening large software. Given how old the 1700x is there's also a good chance your hard drives are bottled necked by your motherboard too if you're using M2 drives, which would effect load time quite a lot. eg: All M2 drives are not equal even if they are the same, M2 Sata is vastly slower than M2 NVMe, and M2 NVMe gen 1 is vastly slower than NVMe Gen 3..etc but just like video cards you can plug newer M2 drives into older slots and they work, but you get reduced speeds bottled necked by the old slot standard.
  12. Yes, save thumbnails is enabled. Windows just cuts off the file name they both have extensions one is named: poker20_5mm.afdesign the other is poker20_5mm_intertwinedv2.afdesign The extensions are just cut off in the screenshots.
  13. same thing for all view settings from medium all the way to extra large. Generic icon for anything save with v2 but thumbnail for anything saved with v1.
  14. the same file when opened and saved in version 2 losses it's thumbnail. Anyone got any ideas? Even new files made with version 2 have no thumbnail, but new files made with version one have thumbnails.
  15. In the same way there are global colors, it would be nice if there were global effects / FX. That way it would be easy to adjust and easily keep standardized things like drop shadows and blur across a wide range of objects all at the same time.
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