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  1. Could you point me to some of these benchmarks because I can't find them, and on every single one of my Nvidia cards on windows 10 with uptodate drivers 16GB+ Ram CPUs i7 8700, i7 7700, AMD 3600, and i7 2700k all the document rendering on screen is vastly faster when working with large complex files with WARP than default. Using default I have to wait many seconds some times close to a minute for things to go from blurry to rendered well panning. Whereas with WARP it's normally under a second to go from blurry to rendered well panning or at most two seconds.
  2. Anyone having any luck with OpenCL on AMD video cards? I have 5 different Nvidia cards (970 and above) and OpenCL cripples performance in all my large files. Also note to the devs the issue where WARP is still way faster compared to default on Nvidia cards still exists... either that should be fixed or you should change the default to WARP when Nvidia cards are detected.
  3. This seems out of contest for the windows beta version. The Windows and Mac version work pretty much the same you don't need any special tips. With a little tuning in my experience you can get better real world battery life from a surface pro than you can a macbook air.
  4. +1 here too, and gotta say I have not been impressed with feature updates for AD since I bought it. Publisher has some okay things going for it, but in the end I don't think it was worth pulling the resources away from AD and AP at least from an outside point of view who is not impressed enough with publisher to bother buying it. Would be cool to see sales number comparison of it vs AD and AP to see the real facts. For all I know it was a major success, but from all the people I know it was a major flop.
  5. If you're the type of person who doesn't update more then a year or more anyway then the support ending is largely meaningless to you. There will be more and more programs and games though that will require dependencies not found on Windows 7 which is ultimately what can make Windows Vista and XP hard to use in the current day. Though still more then possible and on many systems XP is still the better option depending on what the task for the computer is. If you go windows 10 consider checking out the following tools to make life nicer: O&O ShutUp10: Manage updates yourself by really disabling them until you want them and helps you manage your privacy settings. MS frequently turns anti-privacy settings back on after updates therefore it's good to remember you need to run it and check for changes after every update. https://www.oo-software.com/en/shutup10 I'd recommend checking out O&O AppBuster from them as it is a far better and faster way to remove windows 10 pre-installed apps then windows Built in system. Winaero Tweaker: Can help you get things back so they feel less messed up. Windows 10 dose quite a few horrible things to the interface by default which are easily fixed if you know how. Winaero tweaker makes it easier to do for everyone. https://winaero.com/comment.php?comment.news.1836 OpenShell: Is currently IMO the best start menu you can get for windows 10. https://github.com/Open-Shell/Open-Shell-Menu I personally consider Windows 10 unusable by default. It feels over bearing and bloated with things and frequently hounds you keeping you from work. My disclaimer: My work computer is windows 7. My web browsing computer is windows 10. My TV computer is Windows 10. My Gaming computer is Windows 10, my 3d printer Computer is XP. I find it takes about 1-3 hours to strip windows 10 down to a nice state after a fresh install and then 10-30mins after every update. P/s for anyone who just wanders by this post through a search or something. Newer hardware requires windows 10. Unless you are buying used or reformatting a pre-skylake system it is in most cases a waste of time to think about anything other then Windows 10 vs Linux (I like Manjaro BTW) as they are likely the only thing that is going to run on newer hardware.
  6. I'd like to request an eraser tool like the one found in Clip Studio Paint for vector curves.
  7. Many of the programs I use now days allow you to set a backup directory and have x number of the most recent backups for each file kept in that location. I like using these features as they give me a generated backup on a second hard drive, thus adding a nice extra layer of security on all my.
  8. Indeed, first thing I tried was changing the file name. I have a faintly good backup system well my computer is unattended things automatically sync between three different physical locations. I had just gotten into a creative zone and worked 10hrs straight without letting the system go to idle long enough to sync. So the only thing that was lost was this one project.
  9. Is there any way to recover a .autosave file where the linked parent is gone? I had a hard drive failure and l lost the original file, but there is an .autosave file that looks like it's exactly the size of what I lost.
  10. Looking at things I'd wager it's really the OpenCL support. 970 GTX didn't have OpenCL and the older and vastly lower powered AMD cards I had tried earlier in the thread had OpenCL support which was apparently enough to make them performance just as good as the 970 GTX without it. So now that I have a high end card with OpenCL support that's probably why I saw the huge leap.
  11. In hindsight I really wished I would have made a video since it really has been an amazing change that I wasn't expected at all. But since I wasn't expecting it, it caught me me off guard and I had already pre-sold GTX 970 right before getting the 1080 TI so It went straight out the door the moment it was pulled from the system.
  12. Just got a 1080 ti for a good price since people are moving to 2xxx cards. Just wanted to add/update to this topic that there is a night and day difference in how well large complex files with lots of effects are handled 970 vs 1080 ti for pan & zoom. Had I known there was going to be this massive of an improvement in quality of life to pan & zoom I would have gladly updated to the 1080 TI a year ago when I first made this post and paid all the extra. Things went from slow and lagy at best and crippling slow frequently to barely noticeable at all even on my most complex works. I can now pan and zoom as fast as my hands and fingers can move on works that use to slow to a crippling crawl if I tried to move faster than a snails pace.
  13. After noticing some oddness well working it dose look like it's changed a bit. A new layer is placed correctly in place if the current selected object is another layer. See attached video. Attached a second video to show that it also happens when the layers are not nested. Layer On top.wmv Layer on top not nested.wmv
  14. If I can help with anymore info let me know, not being a developer can't really say much other than what I see and as of layers are no longer being placed where working again and are being placed at the top once more. It happens on two different systems with entirely different setups. As before if it's not a real error I'd like to turn it into a request as it is the industry normal to place new layers where working not at the top. I downloaded and installed nearly every single windows comparable vector program I could find to make sure it's the case and they do all work that way.
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