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  1. Thanks, guys. I got around it by warping. AP didn't like that and eventually crashed, but got the job done.
  2. Eric5

    three issues....

    Thanks, Chris. I believe my system still struggles with the program and, the longer I use it and/or the larger the file sizes I'm working with, the more issues seem to appear. I was only able to reproduce the gradient issue consistently yesterday with the other two issues being only hit and miss. Although switching to warp solved much of the constant crashing I once had, I still get crashes and sometimes the dreaded black screens as well. Certainly not as much as when not using warp, but still present. If I am able to reproduce the two issues again, I'll try and suggest a document to try. Thanks.
  3. I'm trying to make a series of concentric rings with an oval shape relating to the size of the original oval that is approximately 5000px. I could do this I suppose by warping the dual brush I had planned on using, but this is going to be a lot more work. I could also resample the original image down to the max of the brush, but I didn't really want to do that.
  4. Latest beta, and I am experiencing three issues: 1) I am occasionally having trouble readjusting the size/ shape of a sub brush, but not happening all of the time. I have attached a quick vid of the problem. 2) When trying to adjust the size of a gradient, let's say linear, when I attempt to move the midpoint as I often do, there is great hesitation/ sluggishness and it often won't move to where I want it. I've attached a clip, although at the speed of the clip it doesn't quite show, but I have to make the midpoint adjustment many many times before it stays. 3) I was attempting to warp a group consisting of two layers. Naturally, I got the message about rasterizing, which is fine, but when I tried to warp the now rasterized layer, the warp was warping one layer independent of the other as if they were still in a group. I wasn't able to duplicate this today, unfortunately, as when I tried it seemed to go normally. subbrushissues.mp4 gradientissue.mp4
  5. Couldn't find anything in help about this, but I need a brush size larger than 4096. Thank you!
  6. I just wanted to update that making a flattened copy of the layers and placing it on top of the layers, and then doing "web safe dither" to the 16 bit document before exporting to jpg seems to have gotten rid of about 90% or more of the banding/ posterization. I tried it both ways... just to the offending jpg itself and than back in the original 16 bit files. If I do just the jpeg, it leaves it too noisy, but I don't see such noise in 16 bit. Hope this helps anyone else out too.
  7. I've recently begun digital painting in 16 bit mode RGB. However, although my main monitors can't see it, I am ending up with horrible banding on either of my laptops or if posting online. I convert to jpg with highest quality settings. This is a definite stumbling block to my work and I would appreciate suggestions as to how to eliminate asap. I found a tutorial here, but it doesn't appear that AP has any such filter mentioned (spatter filter). Thank you!
  8. Ok, thanks, all, looks like I got it. The issues I still see here are 1) the awkwardness of getting this to work compared with how PS used to do it; 2) I still can't see how the mask itself is being changed by the curves, etc; and 3) I see no way to do things like gaussian blur or sharpening directly to the mask. I can sharpen or blur the layer affected by the mask, but not the mask itself. I guess this is still usable, but hoped it'd be a lot simpler. I still put a request in for them to change it to the way PS does it. Thanks again for all the help.
  9. Attaching a quick screen capture video of what's happening. The last thing I do is select the mask after curves and you can see that the mask was not changed. maskattempt.mp4
  10. I can maybe try, but probably not until tomorrow. I followed the video precisely, making sure the masks and adjustments were where they were supposed to be.
  11. I tried that and I believe nothing at all. I may be able to confirm later today, but none of the adjustment layers I tried would allow mask manipulation.
  12. I can see the image thumbnail in the layers section changing as I change curves, however, the same is not happening to the main image, and it is the only layer selected currently with nothing above it.
  13. Yes you did, and thank you, however adjustment layers of mask using the exact method described are not working.
  14. Found a video on supposedly manipulating a mask with an adjustment layer. Although it does address the other question I had about adjusting alpha only, adjustments are not affecting the mask at all... either in current retail Affinity, nor current beta. I followed the exact procedure in the video!