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  1. Hi Bruce Ahhh yes. Thanks for sharing. One can create a marque selection area and move the cursor inside the marque and move the selection around.
  2. The way I usually create a screenshot on the Mac is like so: 1. Hold down shift+cmd+4 2. Drag the cursor around the area where I want to take a screenshot. 3. Let go of above shortcuts. While the left mouse button is pressed I hold down the spacebar to move the marque/selection. I let go of the spacebar to adjust the size of the marque/selection. In Affinity Photo (perhaps also the other software from Affinity...) The process of creating a marque section. 1. I click the Marque tool. 2. With the cursor and left mouse button held down. Drag out a marque selection area. 3. There is no step 3. It would be nice to be able to hold down the spacebar to move the marque selection around. The option to create a marque selection to make a screenshot on the Mac is better then creating a marque selection in Affinity Photo.
  3. What is good about our discussions here is that it can add onto the internal discussions Affinity has with their testers. From what your saying I believe that your saying that one could remove the left sidebar area as well as the top header sections. Then have the header sections starting with Most Recent, then All "Web" Templates, below that All "Print" Templates, then below that All "Photo" Templates etc. It would make for a very long page which one would need to scroll through. Another approach would be to have the tabs in the top with each section. Click for instance Web. Then have it show up as your showing in your wireframe. With most recent in the top and the rest seen below.
  4. The only thing I would like to change about the beta My Documents is having the 4 most recent in the top of each section (section = My Presets, Print, Photo, Web, Devices and Architectural as can be seen in the wireframe I posted in the initial post). The user clicks to expand for additional options. Do please go into more detail of what you would like to see. As the more details you give the easier it can be to visualize it. I might also create a wireframe out of it.
  5. @fde101 @KipV My thought is that the 4 options that are seen in each section are the ones that are most used (recently used) options. If the user needs to use something the user has not used before/recently then he/she can click the "Show additional options" accordion to see the rest of the options for the specific section. Then click one of the options. The next time the user opens the New Document screen and goes to the specific section one of the 4 options would be the one she/he used the last time. This way each section would show 4 initial visible options and the rest one can easily click "Show additional options" to see. The 4 showing the recently used or if none of the options have been used before show the most likely used option. This way one will always have the recently used options showing in the top of each section. One would not be distracted by all the other options present. As there are so many to choose from one can easily get distracted and loose focus. I hope that makes it more clear @fde101
  6. Transparent pixels after a crop is something I have never really understood why happens. (Photoshop CS6 has the same problem. I have not yet noticed it in Affinity Photo.) It really should not happen in the first place, and should have an auto fill of closest pixels to fill in the gap that can happen.
  7. The other day as I was working in Photo I missed having a simple way to duplicate the document. Duplicating document menu option is a feature I would also would like to see added. Btw I am a brand new user and noticed a lot of things when I made a wireframe a few days ago. Specific methods I am used to from Photoshop that I tried in Photo. I will go through again and add a few more treads in regards to some of the stumbling blocks I met.
  8. I made a thread about this as well (before I noticed this thread)! It sure would be very helpful to have this featured included. It is very helpful to be able to as one creates a shape/marque/etc to hold down the spacebar to move the in progress selection around.
  9. Then it is about time this little but important usability feature is added to Affinity Photo as well as Affinity Designer and Publisher.
  10. Hi Here is a comparison. Version 1.7.3 - New Document screen. Version 1.8 - New Document screen. In the old version: options are hidden in drop downs. In the new version: all options for a specific category are seen. I would suggest something in between the old and the new. As showing 13 options in Photo, 16 options in Web etc can be a bit overwhelming What about doing something similar to the below. Show the most used (or what you think are the most used presets for each category). Then have the top 4 options change for each category based on what the user over time uses. Having something like I am showing above will make it easier selecting a preset to go with. Seeing 4 options in comparison to 13, 16 or more is a lot easier on the brain. Kinda like going into an ice cream bar. Giving the option of 4 flavors compared to 16. If one does not want any of the 4 flavors one just moves over to the next area to see additional flavors. Most might go with the 4 and some will want to check the additional options.
  11. Thanks for the feedback haakoo! Any layer that is dragged to a create new pixel layer/group/etc should automatically duplicate itself.
  12. Hi It would be helpful to be able to drag an existing layer to either group or pixel layer to automatically duplicate a layer. + an additional feature would be to hold down alt and then drag a layer in the layer panel to create a duplicate. Similar to selecting a shape and holding down alt to create a duplicate shape directly on the canvas. Btw Holding down Alt when a shape is selected on the canvas should show a duplicate symbol to show that something is about to be duplicated. Existing methods for duplicating layer Right click layer and select Duplicate or Top menu: Layer -> Duplicate. Ps Ops. Sorry about that. @Dan C Hey Dan this thread has to do with Photo but might just as well have to do with all of them. I noticed I posted in Affinity Designer. This was feedback in relation to Affinity Photo. Please move it to the correct location. Thank you..:)
  13. Rectangular marque. Begin drawing eks elliptical marque. Hold down space to move the marque to another position. Space bar changes the size of the shape and does not move the shape. Holding down the spacebar should move the marque. Click eks Rectangle tool. Start to draw the size of the shape and hold down space bar to move the shape. One is able to move the shape by holding down the spacebar. Conclusion any tool that draws a shape Rectangle tool, Marque Tool or anything else. As one begins to create the shape holding down the space bar should move the shape around, so one has better control over where one begins. This means the short cuts (keyboard command) for the Rectangle tool should should also be reflected in other tools. As it would keep a nice consistency in regards to similar methods/techniques. NB! 1. One begins to draw out a shape and notices one wants to readjust the starting point. 2. One then holds down the space bar to align the starting point. (moves the shape one is drawing out) 3. One then continues to draw out the shape. Having a way to adjust the starting point by holding down the space bar is a technique I have used a lot in Photoshop as it helps me to realign where the shape begins.
  14. Thanks Mike! @mikew Here is a thread I found: For anyone who comes across the thread: There are no PDF's available for any Affinity Work Book. Serif has chosen not to create PDF digital books.
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