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  1. Did this basic functionality even make it in v2? this has been discussed since 2015!!!!
  2. 3 years after this thread was started and still no Knife tool... Thanks Serif!
  3. Good points. I will definitely let them know my thoughts in my reviews of their apps and maybe we should take it to social media, I think the only way they might listen is if they realize their lack of attention to their current users is causing them to not bring new users because we're talking about how they lag behind in basic expected features, it's only fair that potential newcomers are warned about what to expect from Serif.
  4. Feb 2020 - still NOPE. Like this if you're looking for a Knife/Eraser tool in 2022
  5. Seems every time I search for something Affinity related, I always find the first result to be a thread about it from a few to several years old saying it's not available or coming soon (but it never did come). In this case this thread from 2017, saying it's in the roadmap, another thread says the roadmap was deleted. I might have put too much faith in Affinity.
  6. I came looking for this as well, but I see there's a thread where this was asked in 2015 --- YES, 2015! and this is still not possible. So let's not hold our breaths. There is a work around that requires a bunch of steps, definitely not good enough.
  7. Ah I see, I see them now. I am new to Affinity, thanks for clarifying!
  8. Thanks! are these specific to Photo? I can't seem to be able to open them in Designer
  9. The link provided seems to have mostly broken links. Any chance these will make their way back? Thanks
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