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  1. True! I appreciate your response @v_kyr I'm a web developer and somewhat novice/intermediate when it comes to pixel/vector tools for creation as opposed to extracting assets already made. Will work on this!
  2. Thank you for this. I guess I was hoping there were some kits already made for import into AD. I'll search through and find more UI / Wireframe kits that I like and will adapt. Mostly in need of barebones wireframing tools right now and enjoy the simplicity of Adobe's X D but rather not go back to them for anything. AD is completely capable.
  3. Does anyone know of any UI kits for Designer that are specific to wireframing websites or apps? I have the UI Grade Kit but not exactly what I'm looking for.
  4. Yeah, it appears I wasn't duplicating them when they were completely aligned. I've zoomed in much more to make sure everything is exact. As a test, I have two squares snapped next to each other and zoomed in. When I remove the grid I can still see a faint line in between the squares. I'm not sure if this is to indicate they're separate layers or if the gap will show when I export the final object. The background is blue, the squares are red. Also, is it possible to use my mouse/trackpad to select multiple squares at once? I know I can marquee select them but I'd like to do something like hold "command" and select multiple layers on my artboard NOT select from the layers panel.
  5. Hello, I'm a web developer and somewhat of a beginner using design software. I have no problem extracting assets to use in development but actually creating things is new for me. Anyway, I'd like to create a series of icons or illustrations in an 8-bit pixel style. I'd like them to be vector based though so I can scale them in size easily. I have both Designer & Photo for Mac and am attempting it in Designer. I want to know if I'm going about this correctly. I started by creating a 500px x 500px artboard and set grid lines to be every 20px so that I have a grid of 25 x 25 squares. I created a 20px x 20px square layer for each section of the grid an duplicated them over and over until I had 625 of them covering the whole board. I filled them with various colors and had a large background layer behind the individual square as well. When I removed the grid lines though I noticed that the individual squares didn't seem to line up correctly even though they were snapping to my grid lines. It looks like the sample I attached. What should I do differently to create these square pixel illustrations? I'd like to be able to export to SVG as well.
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