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  1. Any update on Affinity creating Mathematics equations in its own software? I use a PC and have been making fraction equations especially in Microsoft and then snipping them in as images. I hope the equation feature can be brought into Affinity soon.
  2. @Wosven I just tried this method you suggested. It looks great overall. For some reason, the cover page (page 1) is not showing the watermark, which is wonderful. (I wish I knew why.) Since I have more than 50 pdfs that I need to add watermarks to, I would love a way to accomplish this same look with a batch job. So far this is definitely the best solution.
  3. Old Bruce, I should have said that I used Affinity Photo to do the Batch job, which only showed a watermark on page 1 of the PDF. So that's why I am wondering if I can use Designer to make the watermark appear on all pages.
  4. Hello! I just watched a fantastic YouTube video about how to use batch to add watermark to a lot of photos at once*. I tried to use it on a pdf I created using Designer, and it added the watermark to the first page only. I then tried the same batch job using a Designer file, and it did not work at all. Is there a way to do a batch to add watermarks to every page of many Designer files at once? Thank you! *ETA: using Affinity Photo
  5. I had this same problem today, where I can still see the frames and images (which I had grouped) in my layers, but I cannot see them in the document. I had also duplicated pages. I didn't have any brush strokes.
  6. @Old Bruce, I'm not really interested in setting one atm; I'm trying to avoid this happening again, so I want to know how it happened when I was working on a different page.
  7. @MikeWThank you! That was it! Is there a keyboard shortcut for Stroke? (I thought it happened when I typed a capital S.)
  8. @MikeW Are you talking about this stroke, or is there another stroke?
  9. Hi! I'm looking for some help with this issue that has happened a few times now. I think I am hitting a keyboard command. It usually happens when I am working on a different page and don't notice the issue until later. I have checked for consistency between the correct and incorrect formatted text and cannot find any differences in the Text Frame window, except that the font color is listed as none. I have also check for shadow features in Layer Effects. Thank you!
  10. MEB, I took your advice and had a very hard time changing the border stroke width from 0.5 to 0.0. Often I could not move the dial: sometimes because words popped up, other times because the window would close. It would be great if this feature worked consistently, or if I could change the numbers to accomplish the same. Thank you!
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