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  1. @Old Bruce, I'm not really interested in setting one atm; I'm trying to avoid this happening again, so I want to know how it happened when I was working on a different page.
  2. @MikeWThank you! That was it! Is there a keyboard shortcut for Stroke? (I thought it happened when I typed a capital S.)
  3. @Alfred Thank you! I was looking for that an hour ago!
  4. @MikeW Are you talking about this stroke, or is there another stroke?
  5. Hi! I'm looking for some help with this issue that has happened a few times now. I think I am hitting a keyboard command. It usually happens when I am working on a different page and don't notice the issue until later. I have checked for consistency between the correct and incorrect formatted text and cannot find any differences in the Text Frame window, except that the font color is listed as none. I have also check for shadow features in Layer Effects. Thank you!
  6. MEB, I took your advice and had a very hard time changing the border stroke width from 0.5 to 0.0. Often I could not move the dial: sometimes because words popped up, other times because the window would close. It would be great if this feature worked consistently, or if I could change the numbers to accomplish the same. Thank you!

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