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  1. +1 please add this can't understand why it's not already implemented.
  2. Hello stokerg, thanks for the feedback! For now I used outer glow with highest intensity + strokes with specific settings + adjusted the design etc. I think a general turn on/off option would be appreciated by users who design with memory limitations in mind. For example game art.
  3. Hi thanks, for now I use the Geometry functions. It certainly works but takes multiple steps. Would appreciate this function.
  4. Hello All, In Affinity Design, is there a way to adjust the coverage map for the parts added with effects (outline, shadow etc.) For example: I have a shape that is without any transparency because of the coverage map I used, however, when I add an outline in the effects, the added outline does have transparency. I don't want that. Sorry if this is basic but I just started to use the software. Is there a way to turn it off completely?
  5. hi just noticed affinity designer does not have this tool. I was trying to divide a map into provinces. So this would be very useful. Any suggestions or alternatives to this function?
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