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  1. I have an affinity document and I need export a layer or two and preserve all the quality possible. Is there a way to do that? To export a layer to a tiff, png, gif, or jpg.
  2. The reason I think a Painter app or a Painter persona would be worth while is because Affinity makes the file formats interchangeable between apps. I love that I can "edit in Photo" or "edit in Designer" ... and I could appreciate the option to edit in "Painter"
  3. Ok so wouldn't that be so cool if Affinity Designer (and perhaps Affinity Photo as well) had a Painters' Persona! A tool set that was focused on illustration. Kind of like Corel Painter, Art Rage, Krita, Clip Studio Paint, Paint Tool Sai.. ect.. OR ! even better than a persona would be a dedicated app. Affinity Painter <-- doesn't that have a nice ring to it? I would buy it with love.
  4. I appreciate that Affinity is new and that the team has so many things to do all at once but please fix this one thing. I want to commit to just using Affinity and letting adobe go (and that monthly subscription) but this is one problem I can't find a work around for because my boss isn't going to wait for me to retouch the white line. Please. Second to this that I really need fixed is.. If you could just please incorporate these two features, I could appreciate Affinity for what it does have and not focus on what it doesn't have.
  5. In many apps if you use the marque tool to create a selection if you then hold down space bar you can move the selection around while still being able to resize the selection. I would very much appreciate this feature.
  6. I just wanted to bump this thread up. Also to inquire whether this bug will big fixed any time in the near future? I really would like to not need photoshop anymore and this one thing is the biggest thing that makes me need to keep it still.
  7. I think it's really great that Affinity Apps are a one time purchase with updates for life. And one day I want to be independent of Adobe's pricy subscription. That's why sometimes I would like to support Affinity some-how. For example.. if I buy brushes from the Affinity Store is that directly supporting the developers? I wish there was an iBooks version of the workbooks. That way they could be updated when new features come out.
  8. Yes, perhaps I'm being a bit hasty. Procreate is very nice. But I am very impressed with AD's pixel persona and so far I haven't experienced any lag and I love the brushes that come with it. I wish the studios would automatically collapse once I tap off of them to start painting. If you tap on the layers studio it doesn't collapse unless you tap on it again, where-as with procreate you can just tap on the screen anywhere and it will collapse it and then let you paint. In settings it has an "automatically hide UI" toggle but I can't tell what that even does. As far as I can tell it behaves the same whether that toggle is on or off.
  9. Procreate has the perspective tool that I may have to go back and use, but hopefully they add a perspective tool right in AD.
  10. I know designer is meant for vector, but I just had so so much fun with it's pixel persona. I doubt if I'll ever use procreate much anymore, if ever. Not to mention if it's anything past a doodle or a sketch I always need the vector tools.
  11. Is there an option to turn the color picker gesture off for the brush tool? I keep accidentally picking colors while drawing.
  12. How do you edit a node so that it has a control handle on one side but not the other. I see that you can create this effect if you do it as you draw with the pen tool. Because you can double tap the node to delete the last control handle. But how do you edit for this effect after the path is already drawn out?
  13. Does affinity plan on doing an alternative for adobe acrobat? I know many people buy the adobe subscription because they need photoshop and acrobat for their business. Would be such a welcome addition to the affinity family