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  1. Truly amazing work ! how many hours if you dont ind me asking?
  2. Nice work, looks like a HR Giger kinda style
  3. I love this! great detail. im working on some landscapes/nature illustrations at the minute.
  4. Hi its all vectors "lines" so yeah no photograph's were used it was just an initial sketch of my hand with a dose on imagination.
  5. Thank you, I feel fortunate that I’m only suffering in performance after reading your post,
  6. Hi all, haven’t done much lately, but since 1.7 update I’m motivated again ‘Is anyone else finding designer sluggish since the update?
  7. Great Work. I'd hate to ride it though that geometry look's painfull
  8. Thanks for the feedback, appriciated warhammer is such an amazing setting for inspiring art, im now re-living it after a 20 year absence as one of my kids is getting in to it. i took him to warhammer world over christmas im not sure who was the biggest kid This was my original photoshop version.
  9. Affinity You Rock!!! This is my vector illustration of a painting I did almost 20 years ago, (I can’t take credit for the original work as that was copied from a magazine). I also did a photoshop version some years ago for a competition on worth1000 (anyone remember that?) I've tried to do something different and use more of designers tool’s than I did with the car in my 1st go. Hope you like it. cheers
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