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  1. Aurelio

    Affinity Publisher - Sneak Preview

    When you purchase Publisher, you also get Designer and Photo, yes! And all integrated... One Ring to rule them all.
  2. All right, thanks for the tip.
  3. Hi Meb, i found this post and tried your suggestion, but for me the command has no effect whatsoever. See the attached image: I've tried to simplify a worldmap vector. Selected all > clicked on smooth curve = result remains the same. In fact, if i overlay the images, the curves are identical from the first to the second step. It would be very cool (and necessary) to improve this funcionality. Cheers!
  4. Aurelio

    Red Shapes don't copy-paste to Illustrator

    Hello ego_zzz, why don't you export from Affinity as a PSD? Important that you select the 2. Option to maintain edibility. When you open the file in Photoshop it imports shapes/curves which is absolutely heaven sent! When I import .ai files into PS it doesn't do that, but converts everything into pixels. For me that was recently a life saver and the reason i cancelled the Illustrator subscription :). Of cause, copy/paste is convenient but I would suggest you don't really need AI as a bridge.
  5. Aurelio

    PDF export woes

    Ok, thats good to know, I wasn't aware of that. I tried to create a new document in Illustrator. I entered the size of 6x1m and the maximum site permitted seems to be 577,97cm. A strange value, but that seems to be the maximum size. However, as David mentions, it can't be exported as a pdf (i tried all different settings and it gives you a message at the end that the size is not supported). The problem I mentioned above, however, refers to a document i created in half the size (3x0.5m) It still got corrupted by AD and took long to export (about 3minutes). I guess the long export time may have been caused by the jpg that was part of the banner. There was something else that caught my attention: I've created a simpler banner in the same format, and it exported without any corruption, so there might be a specific problem with the file i attached above. For ex. it uses embedded graphics which the new one didn't. Some other test: I've imported the 577,97cm long Ai file into AD, and it loads only a 508cm long file (and exports it without any issues, but in this new file size) Ok, these were som observations, and here some screenshots too:
  6. Aurelio

    PDF export woes

    Ok, i'm on the run, but will try to export them a bit later today.
  7. Aurelio

    PDF export woes

    Ok, cool that you could reproduce it. I've attached the link to the original affinity file and the pdf export. My files are not quite as big (37mb and 19.7mb for the pdf). Great to know you're taking care of this issue. Btw. I just remembered that I managed to export only from the export persona, and that the crashing happened if i tried to export from the normal screen (Ctrl+Shift+S) Affinity file: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B9BkHYyHGHM7OE5QT1drYkNXZ1U PDF: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B9BkHYyHGHM7ZFY0RUF2Y1JBTUU
  8. Aurelio

    PDF export woes

    Yes, I'm experimenting problems with large files too. I created a simple banner 6x1m 150dpi in size. When i export the file the pdf gets corrupted on some places. I tried a pdf-x export, and affinity crashed immediately. I downloaded the most recent beta, but the same problem happened. At some point i managed to select another pdf format (by clicking very quickly on a different format before it crashed) and it exported but slightly corrupted. I've changed the resolution to the file (3x0.5m 300dpi), to see if it helps, but I get the same error. It seems that Affinity Designer struggles with large files. It took very long to export too. I had to reconstruct the banner in InDesign and there it worked fine and exported quickly. Too bad, I don't want to go back to Adobe! :( See the attached screenshot:
  9. This was supposed to be Cmd+Alt+Shift+S in the headline! Getting confused with Photoshop :)
  10. Photoshop introduced this weird shortcut (Cmd+Alt+Shift+S), to access the "save for web" feature. And later introduced the Cmd+Alt+Shift+W shortcut, to export image files. I use this shortcut sometimes hundreds of times during a day (tweak, save, test, tweak, save test etc.), and I always wondered why they chose such an awkward shortcut for a frequent task like saving! I guess it was, because the save for web feature was introduced when all of the common shortcuts were occupied already. I think inDesign is much better in this respect using just a logic Cmd+E, and then presenting the user with the complete export options. Also, once you introduce Affinity publisher, will you go for Cmd+Alt+Shift+W there as well? or have different shortcuts between apps? I know that shortcuts are customizable, still i would be very happy if Affinity would make things easier, instead of copying Adobe where they have failed. Cmd+Alt+Shift+W just makes no sense to me, these kind of combinations should be used for your custom shortcuts. Ok, much text for a minor thing, still worth a consideration imo. Simplifying the apple way, is always a good thing, i think! :) Cheers.
  11. Aurelio

    Document Crashing on opening

    I haven't tried the beta yet. But it was the png indeed. i think it has been exported from Coral Draw. The other png i use in the file was created with "mischief" another excellent app. But that works just fine as it look. Good to hear the issue has been fixed, and thanks for the help.
  12. Aurelio

    Document Crashing on opening

    Thanks a lot ABC, your document works indeed. The Problem was that little blurred png then. So no need to switch back to Illustrator just yet! Vielen Dank noch mal ;)
  13. Aurelio

    Document Crashing on opening

    hm, thats strange... here it continues crashing. Could you do me a favor and delete the png image out of the document and save it and upload it (that little branch on the left)? In my opinion that was what caused the crash. I'm probably wrong though :)
  14. Aurelio

    Document Crashing on opening

    I've been opening up a pdf file, and have been working on it for a couple of hours. Nothing special, just text and shapes. I've saved constantly, and closed it. Now when i'm trying to open the document again, it crashes Affinity. :( I'm not sure what happened. The last thing i can remember that i did, was importing a png file with transparency into the document. If anyone wants to try, i've attached the file that causes the problem + the crash report, if thats of any help. black 60.afdesign.zip crash_report.zip