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  1. Hello there, Hello @MEB @HYR I want to share with you this video that I have recorded of how I made the PDF of the book cover including the folding marks (sorry but it have been recorded in spanish): https://drive.google.com/file/d/1WV7pTwE7Eedout1yUbVJsUY6B40CHzHE/view?usp=sharing As you can see it is not an easy process and I think that Affinity Designer should add a tool in its menu to include folding marks. I think the easiest way to add vertical and horizontal marks would be a tool similar to adding guides to the document. For documents that contain other types of bending lines (or cutting lines in packaging designs, for example), a possible solution would be that after drawing them in a layer, that layer could be automatically converted into bending lines or cutting lines, and then those lines could be exported in the PDF with a pre-established format (scripts, special color, ...) I hope it helps and I'm waiting for a better Affinity solution! Cheers!
  2. Of course! Serif is the one who decides how their own products should be. We can only buy them and suggest some improvements because we are professionals and they develop their products for professionals. I think they like to listen to us and that is why I will continue to send them new suggestions. Maybe some will see it interesting.
  3. Walt, its easy... the answer is not in Publisher, the answer must be in AD
  4. Thanks Walt, I already use Affinity Publisher but I think that Affinity Designer must also have Auto-hyphenation for 2 reasons: - There are many works that you can design with AD and they contain a lot of text (flyers, brochures, ...) - Now that Serif has added Auto-hyphenation to AP it sure is easier to add it to AD too. I hope so! Cheers!
  5. Hi there! I just made another suggestion to add Auto Hyphenation in Affinity Designer ... I hope AD will listen to us soon! Cheers!
  6. Thanks @firstdefence I just made another suggestion to add Auto Hyphenation in Affinity Designer ... Cheers!
  7. Hello, Affinity Designer urgently needs Auto Hyphenation. You have already added this feature to Affinity Publisher: ... so can you please also add it to AD? Thank you!
  8. Hello, after reading this unsolved topic, i need to know the way to solve it: My layout is a Book Cover... the Book's Title and Book's Author are shown in Cover and Spine simultaneosuly... Could I write the title of the book on the cover and also change automatically on the spine in a different font size? Thanks!
  9. Hi @Max N Have you solved the problem? I am also interested in knowing how to get that! Thank you!
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