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  1. Hi, @Sean P Your very welcome, I appreciate Affinty support at all times. Excellent software. Regards
  2. Thanks for your reply, Yes, you were following my recipe correctly. You are correct, one is selecting the image in Designer. That's a very interesting mechanism you have for what I am trying to do. So I tried your procedure and it worked. I also tried it with "New From Clipboard" and that worked flawlessly. Your explanation was clear and concise. Thank you vey much for your solution. Regards Thanks
  3. Hi, Operating system Macintosh 10.10.05 Affinity Designer 1.7.1 Affinity Designer is not exporting images like jpeg, png etc, with the pixel dimensions expected. After "Export Persona" an image size of 320x240px (this is the editors reported size) the outputted file size is 319x240px This does not happen with all images so it's not consistant. For comparison, I tried the free software called "Gimp2.10" and no matter what image is resized in this software, whatever pixel dimensions the editor states the file is, the outputted file size is exactly the same. So I need to know why "Affinity Designer" is not consistantly outputing the correct image pixel size the editor is reporting the image to be ? So that my problem may be replicated on another system, I have assembled a project with three .jpeg images These images that will not output a 320x240px image size but outputs 319x240px instead. "Aiffinty Photo" has the same problem. I use the following process... First select the image "copy to clipboard" "new form clipboard" resize image to 320x240px reselect image "copy to clipboard" "new form clipboard" "Export Persona" select "Slices" "add new export format" select format Export (Save image) Any questions please do not hesitate to ask. Regards Affinity-Designer-Issues.zip
  4. I appreciate all the responses. But unfortunately I am still left with this minus 1px on the width, with no apparent reason. Considering that the images I export that are correct I am not doing anything different in exporting the images from those that are not correct. I am not creating a Slice and then editing the exported image. I have created 3 more Export Personas of both .jpeg and .png and the sizes were perfefect. But on a couple other images I tried, the same issue occured of minus 1px on the width. So this looks like an "Affinty Designer" Issue with certain images. Because all images regardless of size I have thrown at Gimp2.10 then resized them down, has exported flawlesly without proplems. I'll try to raise this with technical as a possible bug. Thanks again for all your input. Regards
  5. Hi@PÅ¡enda Regardless of transparacy of background , I have opened the same images in Gimp and it has no issues exporting the exact pixel dimensions the editor is displaying. Plus Gimp is free. I have tried this in Affinity photo with the exact same results. Hi@stokerg I have put together two Affinity designser projects each have a .jpeg and .png image which I resized to 320x240px. I then export them and the resultant file size is 319x240px in both cases. I then take the resultant images and open them in Gimp2.10, rescale it to 320x240px export both as .jpeg & .png the resultant files show they are both 320x240px I then import these files into my LCD Graphic editor and they are perfect. I have zipped up the projects in a folder named "Affinty Designer" along with the projects are the two exported .jpeg & .png files. There is also a sub folder called "Resized in Gimp to 320x240". In this folder are the two Affinity exported files of 319x240px also the re-scaled exported Gimp2.10 files Hope this all makes sense. Any question please do not hesitate to ask. Regards Affinity_Designer.zip
  6. Hi, Operating system Macintosh 10.10.05 Affinity Designer is not exporting images like jpeg, png etc pixel dimensions as expected. For example, I use 320x240px for my small LCD displays. This corresponds exactly to the LCD screens dimensions in pixels. Process.. I would normally open an image, jpeg , png etc then resize it to my requirements 320x240px then use "New From Clipboard" the image size stated in the editor is as expected 320x240px. Then using "Export Persona" I select the required format normally jpeg. When I check the size of the image it reads 319x240, sometimes 318x240px (On Mac its "get Info" for file details) I import this to my LCD graphics editor and it reads the same 319x240 or the 318x240px so I lose 1 or so pixel widths down the side of the LCD screen. I tried the same technique with gimp2.10, open an image resize it, export it and it works perfectly. Whatever size the image states in the editor the exported size is identical. Affinity Designer hasn't always exported pixels less than whats shown in the editor. I have images that I have exported previously that have had the correct size as stated in the editor. Can you please tell me why Affinity Designer is acting in this way? And what I can do to remedy this situation. Best Regards Martin
  7. Hi, I am using Affinity 1.7.1 on a Macbook Pro. I've notice, I no longer have the options menu bar across the top when selecting for example Pen Tool, Node Tool & other Tools. I have added two screen shots as examples from an online resource to show what I no longer get. I cannot find any options where to turn this feature on and off. This issues has only happened since upgrading to your new software. Can you please advise. Regards
  8. Hi Sean, Appreciate your response. I hear what you're saying. Clearing the cache alone doesn't work. It's a bit more involved. Like anything its easy when you know how. Just in case others have the same issue, open terminal and paste in the lines below one at a time then restart sorted. sudo find /private/var/folders/ -name com.apple.dock.iconcache -exec rm {} \; sudo find /private/var/folders/ -name com.apple.iconservices -exec rm -rf {} \; sudo rm -rf /Library/Caches/com.apple.iconservices.store Regards
  9. Hi, I am having problems since upgrading to your latest version of Affinity designer and photo. I'm using a Macbook Pro Retina with yosemite 10.10.5 Whenever my system crashes I have never had any problems with the Dock icons getting corrupted. The icons corruption only started happening once I upgraded affinity. Your probably wondering how do I know its affinity is causing this issue. Well the new affinity logo becomes an over stretched looking version and that is what all my dock icons items look like. I have attached a screen shot so you can see what I am saying. Its quite annoying as the first time this happened it took me absolute ages to find a way to reset my icons back. Please advise. Regards Martin
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