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  1. I appreciate your thoughts on the matter. As inexpensive as Affinity apps are, $50 and a separate app still seems a lot just for hyphenation. The lack of it in Designer is so inexplicable that your explanation may be the only logical reason though. Can't help but wonder why there would be a paragraph panel with various options such as justification when you can't hyphenate a paragraph. Worse yet the text box brakes long words to the next line if you don't use the "no break" option on the specific word. it's broken and they need to fix it.
  2. I'll second that. I was really hoping to see it in 1.7.
  3. dcrosby

    Font auto activation??

    As a temp solution (and rather helpful in any case), a listing of font status in Affinity apps would be helpful. With a list I could more easily activate fonts in my manager of choice if auto activation was not available. I'm assuming most font managers will be slow to add Affinity support because... well... Adobe.
  4. Hi Walt. Yes Publisher would HAVE to include those features, hopefully they can be moved over easily and it's not a matter of them trying to differentiate the softwares. I plan to buy Photo at some point and assume I'll end up with Publisher as well but not sure when. I'm eager to see how they merge the different programs in the Publisher personas. Maybe it will be so smooth that you don't even notice you're using different programs. That would be a paradigm shift.
  5. Hi folks. I've been a supporter of Affinity since I first found out about your program. One thing that's keeping me from using it as my go to vector program is its type handling though. I was glad to see that points and picas were added to the ruler, I use them frequently. I'm a bit surprised over the fact that there seems to be no hyphenation in text boxes. Did I miss something? That's pretty basic. I'm also not a fan of text falling outside the text box and would greatly appreciate the option to turn off that behavior. Better yet would be a way to link text frames as is done in Publisher. I know Designer is not a page layout program but I frequently make flyers, posters or tri-folds outside of inDesign and would very much like to use Designer for this kind of work. Thanks.
  6. dcrosby

    Please add Font Manager to Designer

    I don't know about the font manager as I've not tested Publisher to any great extent. I'm having a similar problem with auto activation though using Suitcase. If I'm missing a font and open it in Suitcase the fonts in my document do not update. I have to reopen the document for them to display. Oddly though, If I create a new textbox and add new copy I can then select the proper font but text boxes that already had the "missing" font don't update. I guess that's a bug then?
  7. Interesting. I'll have to give that a go sometime. Thanks
  8. Really? I could have sworn I'd seen an option for that in the past. Must have been some other function. Disappointed but thanks.
  9. I'm trying to find the secret to stopping text from overflowing the text frame in Designer. I just want to hide any extra copy in the frame. I know I've seen a toggle or some such before. I can't find it now or any mention of it in the forums. that overflow "feature" may have its benefits but it's really annoying if you don't want it.
  10. Thanks for the info, I'm thinking of downgrading to El Capitan.
  11. For the record, I'm having a similar permissions problem in MS Excel. The suggested fix also involved fonts and also didn't work. I'm on Sierra and am curious if this problem has been reported on High Sierra, Mohave, or El Capitan?
  12. Not meaning to place blame or rub salt in the wound, but I stay at least an OS version behind. Always. And without fail. If I trip up or get forced into an upgrade I usually regret it. There is too much software and hardware on my machine to test it all. Apple, in particular, seems to take joy in breaking perfectly usable stuff. They're psychotic like that. I let others test it for me. I wouldn't touch Mojave with a ten-foot pole at this point. I might skip it altogether. There have been diminishing returns on OS upgrades for at least the last ten years. Why do you think they're giving it away and damn near shoving it down your throat these days? I'm hesitant about software upgrades as well but can easily carry on with the older version if need be. Not sure about the Apple Store though. Since they don't actually let me "handle" the software, I don't know if my old version goes poof when I upgrade.
  13. Huge problem. Makes working in Affinity frustrating much of the time.
  14. dcrosby

    Designing Pulp Book Covers

    Very nice work and you've given me some ideas on a book cover I've been struggling with.