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  1. Not meaning to place blame or rub salt in the wound, but I stay at least an OS version behind. Always. And without fail. If I trip up or get forced into an upgrade I usually regret it. There is too much software and hardware on my machine to test it all. Apple, in particular, seems to take joy in breaking perfectly usable stuff. They're psychotic like that. I let others test it for me. I wouldn't touch Mojave with a ten-foot pole at this point. I might skip it altogether. There have been diminishing returns on OS upgrades for at least the last ten years. Why do you think they're giving it away and damn near shoving it down your throat these days? I'm hesitant about software upgrades as well but can easily carry on with the older version if need be. Not sure about the Apple Store though. Since they don't actually let me "handle" the software, I don't know if my old version goes poof when I upgrade.
  2. Huge problem. Makes working in Affinity frustrating much of the time.
  3. dcrosby

    Designing Pulp Book Covers

    Very nice work and you've given me some ideas on a book cover I've been struggling with.
  4. Let me pile-on here. Points and picas are the standard measure in typography. Without picas, Affinity Publisher gets an automatic demerit in any discussion of its typographic capabilities compared to other products. You already have points to measure text because it would be ridiculous to measure it as .xxx inches or something. You really just have to finish what you started.
  5. I second that request. It's basic and much needed.
  6. I have a question regarding the handling of image brushes in both of your programs. I like the simplicity of the brush settings dialog but am not sure if I'm missing something. I use a lot of image based (alpha) brushes such as stipple or razor stubble for instance. You have a size jitter setting that randomizes the size of each image instance while making a stroke keeping the stubble from looking too uniform. When I set size to use pen pressure the randomness disappears. I would like the pen pressure to control the overall size while the jitter remains. Is that possible? Does it have anything to do with the curve setting? I still don't understand what their for. thanks