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  1. Nik collection 3 and Topaz Studio 2 run with Capture One.
  2. Yes this is a work around. But computer runs much slower and defeats the purpose of using a M1. Hoping that Serif is working on a fix. Affinity Photo works extremely well on the M1 except for this issue. Not an expert on software but considering that I can open these plugins using other editing software when operating in M1 does this indicate that the problem is with AF Photo and not the plug in?
  3. Considering that the plugins work with other software using the M1, I assume they are updated for the M1.
  4. I bought my software from the Affinity Store. The decrease in performance is significant and makes working through Rosetta is not a valid option. At present when I need to use a plugin I use a different software than Affinity Photo. This is not a very efficient way to work.
  5. Hi MEB I originated this topic. I am using the M1. If using Affinity with Rosetta the plugins work. But that defeats the purpose of having an M1. Other software like Capture One when using M1 have no issues with the same plugins working. This appears to be an Affinity Photo issue with M1 not the plugins as they work with other software using M1.
  6. Capture One has been optimized for the M1. So I don't understand why it's an M1 issue if it works with other apps that operate with the M1.
  7. Topaz and nik collection plugins appear in the filters menu but will not launch. Plugin launch no problem with Capture one pro. Using Mac mini M1 2020 with Affinity Photo 1.9.3
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