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  1. TomJr

    Place Word File Crashes

    Hi! I mentioned this issue on my end, happens to me when there are tables in the doc. Tom
  2. TomJr

    PDF Export Problem

    Floh, Just a thought. Did you try exporting each page individually to see which one(s) might not export? May help track down the errant elements. I used to do that back in the day with QXP. Tom
  3. Just an update to let you know on the latest here (, I found Word docs with tables (I'm on a Mac), seem to replicate this crash. Tom
  4. Jon, thanks! I do want to say I thank you all at Affinity for really creating great products, along with great support too!
  5. Jon, Thanks for your reply, I just uploaded it through DropBox.
  6. Hi all! Just pre-paid and have the latest version of Publisher, so I thought I'd try something. I created a new doc, about 10 pages. Made a text box on page 1, then imported a Word doc. This particular one is about 250 pages, with mainly tables and text, with a few graphs (4) in the doc. Instantly crashes Publisher. Any ideas? I am on a late 2015 27" iMac, OS 10.14.5 Thanks! Tom
  7. Like InDesign, I would also like the ability to automatically copy to the others, so if I want a .125" bleed all around, I only need to enter it once.
  8. Would it be possible to add a preflighting toolset to Publisher? Great job on the beta!
  9. Hi Chris_K, Thanks for the response. I have found it an odd addition to Photoshop, but I did find it useful in creating one file for both print and web portfolio pieces. Backwards compatibility was my main concern, but now that I know Affinity has no plans to support it as a feature, I can better prepare should I ever choose to move away from Creative Cloud. Photo is a great tool, and well supported. Thanks!
  10. Hi all, I used the newer feature of Artboards in Photoshop CC 2018. Thought it might be useful for creating portfolio elements for print, web and thumbnail images, but keeping each piece in a single document Just for kicks, I opened the PSD file in Affinity Photo. Since it's a newer feature, I did not know what to expect. I've attached the result. So, if we think this is a feature worth adding to AP, excellent. I would also recommend the option of exporting each artboard to different formats in one dialog, rather than a separate export of each. Thanks!