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  1. How do I 'nest them in the shape layer'? When I insert them in the layer everything vanishes
  2. Thanks for the reminder Garry - it's Photo. But I have all three. Are there any videos that show the procedure you mention?
  3. In Photo I have an image made up of layers. I wish to cut out and export part of it as a jpg. My preference is to use the shape tool. What is the process for this? Thanks
  4. I spend a lot of time resizing things to match the size of other objects, so am wondering if there is a way to select one object, then have another object conform to those dimensions? In case it's not clear, I mean that I have to manually input the dimensions of the first object, to have the second take those same dimensions.
  5. Thanks Carl. Needed a reset for some reason. How do I change the size units? It's on pt but I want to use mm.
  6. I need to resize an element but the dimensions info on the bottom right, below layers, has vanished. How do I get this back? Thanks
  7. Works great, thanks guys. I only noticed you check contiguous, not uncheck it again. It's like learning to drive again - so many things to pay attention to. One last thing: for the final layout I have many other cover elements, including text boxes. And I need to have all the elements ungrouped until the last minute, as I need to do tiny adjustments to line everything up. How would you recommend I handle the masking, given that there are so many other elements on the page? Do I just untick everything that I don't want to work with, and perform the steps in your video?
  8. Thank you. If I click the inside of the circle, only the inside is selected. Likewise if I select the outside of the circle (but still within that box) Where might I be going wrong? Also, how do you create your videos?
  9. That could be helpful, thank you. When you say 'select the black' in your instructions - which black are you referring to? The background, or the grey in the box?
  10. How have you merged the circle and the background before starting? I can follow what you are doing mostly, but I have them as separate layers, so the process is not behaving the same. Thanks
  11. I tried to follow all this - but I still ended up with the same grey box. I'll try it again from the top ... I think I followed it better this time, but now have an outline around the grey box when I zoom in When he says: select the black Which black is he referring to? The black background (left me with same grey box), or the grey box (left me with grey outline of box)?
  12. I got as far as step 5, Click on the mask layer icon - but could not get this working. I cannot select only the mask - the background is always selected as well
  13. I have a PNG image for a book cover, and need it to merge with the black tone of the background. But even though it is a PNG, and I would expect (in my ignorance) the image to merge with the background, you can see a grey box around the image. Is there a way to have the image sit on the background without the grey box showing? I could try changing the whole background to the same grey box color, but that's not my preference. I've upload all relevant files here. Thanks. M:M_AFF_test_1.afphoto
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