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  1. I have pasted a PNG image onto a new document, and wish to cut out part of the image to use for something else. How do I do this?
  2. I seem to have a vanilla setup in Designer, but there is no sign of any selection tools. And there is no help in the help menu - it does not tell me where to find them, only how to use them. So where/how do I find them? Thanks. Update: In case anyone else is lost on this - I found that you have to hit pixel persona in the top left, next to Designer persona, which is next to the traffic light buttons for Mac. It would be very helpful if Affinity could put this location info right at the top of the Help section.
  3. I cannot find the character panel on either Designer or Photo. Where is it? How do I make it visible? Everything I read says it should be here, but there is no sign - unless it's right in front of me and I'm not seeing it. The aim is to work with kerning.
  4. I have a scan which is saved as a jpg, but when I open it in Photo it opens as a pixel layer. I want to separate it from the background using erase white paper or similar, but it seems I can't do these things with a pixel layer. How can I get where I want to go with this?
  5. This is excellent - thanks so much. Between all you guys on the thread I got the job finished. Much appreciated
  6. This is the file in question. I want to recolor the cloud with a gradient Cloud stampe 4 ewp.afphoto
  7. Again - not having the basics down, I'm struggling to work through this. I've tried using the gradient tool and gradient maps, but they do not affect the object in question. I have taken a jpg, erased white background, and been left with a background pixel layer, with my object. I cannot seem to affect the color of this object at all. How do I do this?
  8. I barely know the basics tbh, so do not know how to carry out the operation you describe. Can you lay out the steps? Thanks in advance
  9. I need to apply a color spectrum to an object - a pixel layer in this case. I am fine applying a chosen single color, but how would I apply a 'rainbow' effect to an object? Being able to choose the gradations - whether color or greyscale would be useful. Thanks
  10. How do I 'nest them in the shape layer'? When I insert them in the layer everything vanishes
  11. Thanks for the reminder Garry - it's Photo. But I have all three. Are there any videos that show the procedure you mention?
  12. In Photo I have an image made up of layers. I wish to cut out and export part of it as a jpg. My preference is to use the shape tool. What is the process for this? Thanks
  13. I spend a lot of time resizing things to match the size of other objects, so am wondering if there is a way to select one object, then have another object conform to those dimensions? In case it's not clear, I mean that I have to manually input the dimensions of the first object, to have the second take those same dimensions.
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