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  1. The team have done a wonderful job in creating this software. Users will always seek refinements that their own situation demands but for me there are workarounds that I can get by with and given the cost of the product compared to the Adobe offerings, patience is the least I can offer to say thanks for breaking the mold! Great job on all your products Serif! George
  2. I think the most disappointing part of all this is the lack of a definitive response from Serif. I asked this question also in 2016. Since then I use a quick workaround (I use a Mac with Mojave) Using Automator I have created a "Quick Action". Once done I right click on a file, select Quick Action and then convert to (from jpg) BMP. I originally set this up as another Quick Action to convert HEIC files (produced from my iPhone) to jpg. Here is the How To link. George
  3. HVDB - THANK YOU!! That worked and I will store that in the memory bank.
  4. Yes, as above, I have done Document>Resize Canvas but as I said the document increases in size as well as the canvas?
  5. Thanks FD. I have tried that - I am a newbie and I can't get the background layer larger than the image I am trying to create the drop shadow for (I have done before but can't repeat it). I have made the Canvas larger than the document but when I do that the document increases in size also and there is no area behind the image as in your example?
  6. Hi, I have tried to create a drop shadow around a rectangular image (in AF Photo) but I am having no luck This is what I am looking to do. I have previously taken the image, added another transparent layer and made that say 10pixels wider than the image and added outer shadow. I can't get that to work now? I must be doing something wrong? Looking forward to some help please? Thanks, George
  7. For me the pdf export from InDesign and import to Publisher works so far but I'll be looking forward to being able to import the native file. George
  8. Thanks Dave & Fixx. Fixx by name!! You fixed it for me with the OS X Preview tip. I wonder how many other goodies are hidden in OX X??? My application is RC transmitter and uses BMP images for display on the Tx screen. They will progress to PNG in future OS mods. Thanks for your help. George
  9. It would be nice if the moderators would provide some feedback to our comments. After all this is a "Feature Request" area and the initial request is more than a year ago/ George
  10. I would like the BMP export feature also. As it is I now have to use Pixelmator to do this whereas I had hoped BMP which is a standard format, would have been available in Affinity. I left PS for Pixelmator and then Pixelmator to Affinity. Whilst there is no BMP export option, I'll have to stick with Pixelmator to do those conversions (which is a shame). I need BMP because I have some hardware that uses BMP images in the icons.
  11. Hi, Thanks for the replies. I had tried both suggestions but I am obviously doing something wrong. I had watched that video previously but I cannot replicate the results. E.g. I select the aircraft, then I select [layer mask] as per video but unlike the video where the background disappears and there is a transparent background, nothing changes? The low resolution is due to the target for the image is a program that requires a 192x144 image. I have attached a larger image of a similar aircraft that I also tried. (PS: I cannot seem to get the same accuracy with the magic wand tool without a lot of manipulation even when the colours seem to be well contrasted). I appreciate any advice/help. Update: could not see where to attach an image
  12. Hi, I am new to AP. I am having trouble saving a document with a transparent background. I have created the selection and displayed the mask as transparent but then I am stuck. When I save as a PNG, the original background is still there. Can someone tell me where I am going wrong? Image attached. Thanks, George magister3.afphoto