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  1. ParticleShop v1.5.108 works OK for me in Photo - and as far as I can recall worked with the previous versions with no problems. I'm using Windows 10 though.
  2. Trevor J Richens

    File corrupt

    Right - problem may be that I am using some PNG files exported from Photo that I can't open anymore. Although they were created OK and imported into Publisher they are broken in some way so they come up as corrupt in any graphics viewer.
  3. Having worked on a file all day yesterday and today I now get a "file corrupt" message when trying to reopen to complete. It's a job that needs to be completed for printing 8am and I now have to got back to my previous backup earlier today and re-do the last couple of hours work. I have been having doubts about just how good Publisher is - and have had several crashes in the last few days. This last problem means that after finishing this particular job I'll be goin gback to PagePlus as I have no confidence that the software is actually reliable enough for production work. Unfortunately there's no practical way of recreating the job in PagePlus in the time I have available - obviously my concern is that I'll get another corrupt file at some point. So multiple backups and hope that I can keep re-creating what I have done without it breaking again. So I now have to backup the file, close Publisher, re-open Publisher and then re-open saved file every ten minutes or so.
  4. This is a little odd. The below is text wrapped around image in release version As you can see this flows around the image OK. But open the same publication in and the text wrapping all goes wrong. Have seen this before where there were some random pixels that caused the wrap to go wrong, but it seems strange that in the release version it's OK but the beta version displays it incorrectly.
  5. Just had this happen again. Opened file and started to scroll up pages BEFORE the pages thumbnails had populated - immediate crash out of program. Reloaded OK and waited for all thumbnails to update - scrolling then worked OK with no crash...
  6. I agree. It often seems to crash if you scroll too quickly through a document - not exactly sure how fast "too quick" is though. Have had this happen a few times. This is using but it's not something I can reproduce on demand.
  7. I agree and was going to suggest the same thing when I found this post. I'd like an option to allow you to select absolute or relative paths to images, etc. Maybe for an image this could be done "intelligently" so if you use a resource on a network folder the path would be absolute, but for a local resource it would be relative? Or perhaps be able specify a folder ( or folders ) in the document setup for resource locations. I have sub-folders for different sections of of publications and sub-folders within those so images for any particular job will be spread across several folders. Some, like advertisements, will get used in several different jobs, others just once in a single article. This sort of ties in with having an option to "package" a publication with its resources for passing to a third party?
  8. Trevor J Richens

    Smaller PDF Files, please!

    I had the same issue with PagePlus so I would imagine it's the PDF library Serif use. There are online PDF compressing tools but I purchased NX Powerlite Desktop which appears to reduce files to roughly 20% which works for web downloads and in many cases works for sending to printer with acceptable reduction in quality but YMMV of course.
  9. Trevor J Richens

    Text wrapping around image

    Hi Jon, Problem now solved as I found some duff random individual pixels in the image I was using. So the text was wrapping around those of course! As these were single pixels in the transparent area they weren't easily seen. The positioning of these meant that the text appeared to be wrapping to the edge of the bounding box rather than the image itself. All now looks OK thanks.
  10. Hi all. I've got a problem with wrapping text around an image. It works but there appears to be an issue with the edge detection. Having placed an image - in this case an afphoto image - and set the text wrap settings to tight, I then drag out the image so it overlaps the adjacent text frame. What should happen, and does in parts, is the text warps around the edge of the image. But in places it still wraps to the image frame outline. The best way to see this is with the video attached. Toggling between none, square and tight shows the wrapping working as expected, apart from tight not working properly on some lines. Has anyone else seen this problem or is it some frame setup / configuration issue that I need to correct? Text wrapping issue.wmv
  11. Hi MannyG. Can you try creating a PDF export file? When you view this do the page contents extend to the edge of the page? If not change the page and export settings until you get a PDF that does. Now print the PDF file. Does it print to the edge? If not then your printer or driver config is the cause of the problem. Could be that you need to have an option set in the printer driver to get print to edge enabled?
  12. I found I had this issue a short while back. I'd been updating the versions as they had been released. Found that when I uninstalled, deleted the AppData folder for Publisher in my user folder, and then re-installed as new the problem went away. However it has re-appeared in 1.7.376 so I have just uninstalled that version and re-installed the 1.7.384 version. And... it's still broken but... try this... Create your table and enter text into a cell. Now double-click the cell to select the contents and paste into another cell. It should cause the height of the bottom row to increase. Delete the pasted text - keep the text that was in the first cell. Now select the text by highlighting the text characters with the mouse, then copy and paste into a new cell. For me this doesn't cause the cell height to increase. it "looks" like the first method is picking up some sort of non-printing character that causes the last row of cells to "go bananas" when it's pasted into another cell. So although clearly broken, maybe this will work for you??
  13. Trevor J Richens

    Master Pages - Export and Import

    The copy and paste method is the obvious way of doing this but if you had lots of pages and were doing this often it would be nice to have a quick, easy way of doing this "en masse". I do have a set of master templates I use in PagePlus but it would be nice to be able to create a template from an existing publication by just exporting the master pages section and avoid copying and pasting and renaming, etc.
  14. Not sure if this may have already been brought up - my apologies if it has. I can't see a way of exporting Master Pages to a separate file so that they can be imported into a new document. So... having designed my set of master pages I can simply export the design for later re-use in a new document. Just open a new blank document, hit Import Master Pages, pick a file and they are automatically available in the new document. Otherwise you need to keep a master publication for each set of master pages, and if you have created a publication and you think that you might want to utilise the master pages elsewhere there's not straightforward way of extracting just what you need. An even better option would allow you to design a new master page layout and then import AND REPLACE the existing master pages in a document - but that would introduce a completely different level of complexity Or am I missing something here?
  15. Trevor J Richens

    Problems with Layouting a Text

    I think you misread me Petar

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