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  1. You got me wrong. Maybe it is my englisch. This is not my mother Language. 😂 Affinity Publisher is great! I became a huge Affinity fan the last 2 years. What I wanted to say: It is a pain to work on a "small" screen. That is why I can not imagine to do DTP on an iPad. Maybe I am wrong. Did not have a iPad for a long time. Working with Scribus on an Mac causes a lot of pain. It is sloooooooow. That is why I insisted to switch to Publisher. Relative paths is still important. But maybe I am the only working in a Team... what is hard to imagine.
  2. I do not agree. Beta users suggested this feature 2018. With a reason: it is basic. 🤓 iPad Version is nice. Sure, but i think most publishing is still done on desktops. Even on my 15 inch MacBook working is a pain.
  3. Hi Walt! That ist the Situation but does not work: churchpaper.afpub > Subfolder: Pictures if one of the team members places an new picture the next person opening the document on his computer becomes a message that ressources are missing. because the absolute path bevor the Dropbox folder is different. e.g.: User/MyMac/Dropbox/Churchpapter/July > there is the afpub file. And in the July folder is one with all the images. A new editor always has to "show" publisher one missing picture...
  4. Thank you for this brilliant tipp! Is a good workaround. Publisher still needs a better solution.
  5. Since about 2 years an important feature for collaborate Work is missing. Publisher urgently needs relative links! I know that this feature Request already exists several times in this forum but I think it needs a refresh! 😉 I work in a team that shares publisher files via Dropbox. As soon as an other user links an image and saves the afpub file, the next Mac user opening it has to relink the images. We found out (thanks to this forum) , that it is enough to find one image file and all other files are recognised automatically but if there are subfolders this process still takes a lot of t
  6. This feature is a must have! It is not possible to work on a shared project via Dropbox/Drive etc. All Picture have to be in one Folder and every time a user opens a file with new pictures at least one picture has to be located... I do not understand why nothing happend since 2018?!
  7. Same problem on my 4k Display connected to a MacBook Pro (mId2015). Changing the scaling does not solve the Problem. I have to unplug the external screen to use the font menu! what?! PS: still love the Designer app... but this must be solved quickly,
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