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  1. I am helping my church office print a newsletter. They use Windows 10 and have the latest version of Publisher Beta. We need to bring in a booklet format (8.5x11 to an 11x17 page). There are a couple of short tutorials on the Web, but though it seems simple, we do not get acceptable results. The little page icon in the upper right of the Print menu shows a proper image, it does not come out that way. What we get is an enlarged bleeding image that is offset to the right by several inches. Has anyone had good results making a booklet (saddle-stitched style), and if so, are there secrets to making it come out right? Or are there some step-by-step instructions anywhere that would help me? Any help would be appreciated.
  2. Walt: So simple. Thanks; your suggestion was right on. I'm just a newly and getting used to the little ins and outs.
  3. The updated version of Publisher does not show the Master Page Panel on the left nor the Color/Stroke panel on the right. How do I recover these?
  4. Thanks so much for the help. I'm just transitioning from InDesign and have a lot to learn.
  5. The process for creating Tab Stops in Publisher is arcane and difficult. Tabs should be able to be set from the ruler like your competitor InDesign and even MS Word. If you could you accomplish this, it would be a great step forward. Also a knife or scissors in Publisher would make the pen tool a bit more useful. Otherwise, once I got use to where particular functions reside, the program works well and I am getting more efficient on it. Thanks.