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  1. Yes I have a Time Machine backup- will revert to my husband who is the IT expert. Bugger - bug huge Thanks
  2. I am also having this issue - how do you go back.downgrade to v 1.8?
  3. Same has happened to me - just upgraded to 1.9 and it crashes before I get a chance to export to PDF - very frustrating and I need t get this newsletter out on proof
  4. I am having this issue now - I have tried different export methods, e.g., "PDF (press-ready)" or digital versions? help? update; just tried it as "PDF flatten" and it worked!
  5. So my text suddenly started show in cm??? Thanks to the above at lease I knew where to go but it was already set to show text in points... somehow unblocking and and click it back on reset to show in points which is what i want.
  6. Thank you - that helped me - Undo was suddenly set to "0" in the preferences on MacPro with MacOS Mojave.
  7. Hello - just starting to use my Affinity Photo and this is my first question too. Is there anything further on being able to do the easily. Carole
  8. Adding my request to this too. Just -finally and out of necessity- started using Affinity and this is one of my first hurdles:-(
  9. Hi Affinity – I have a new laptop and would like to download my Affinity Photo and Designer apps to it. All Mac platforms I read how to do that via the Mac App Store in one of your threads but unfortunately I had to change my Apple ID so I cannot access it through the Purchased Tab. Can you help me find another way? Regards Carole Havercroft (GryphonArt)
  10. Sorry - I have a new computer so running FreeHand in VMWare Fusion - I have managed to get a logo from Illustrator into AD (yay) how can I then get that into FreeHand - if I cut and paste it pastes as code in a text box.
  11. To explain simply: Cut content tool - the opposite of the paste into content tool - when pasting into or cutting out of an image or something out of a containment box.
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