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  1. It was unchecked, so I checked it. No change. Documents open when I close APub are not reopened when APub is relaunched. I will check the iMac settings later this week. Odd. More curious than anything. Thank you for the idea though. Dixon Kenner
  2. I have the checkbox turned "on" on both my 2019 iMac and my 2020 MacBook Air. On the iMac, when I relaunch Affinity Publisher it opens the documents that were open at shut down. On the 2020 MacBook Air, they do not open. Am I missing something? Just curious, it is easy enough to goto "open recent" and take the topmost file to open. Both devices are running the latest OS/X (12.3.1), and the latest version of Publisher (1.10.5)
  3. This does seem to get around the issue, though [option]+[green dot] is relatively unknown, and I would postulate that most will just click the green dot to maximize the screen. Thank you for this work around.
  4. Something new. Thank you, Screen Recording 2022-04-04 at 13.51.18.mov It does it with other panels too. But I'll stick to this example.
  5. I am in the same position as you, it is mildly annoying, but I am used to it. I note that I did not see this issue until this week. The first time I ran across it I thought APub had frozen. For the specifics, iMac 2019 edition, running the latest version of OS/X 12.2.1. APub, latest version
  6. Sorry, click on the green dot in the upper left hand corner of the APub window, and it expands to fill the entire screen. If this is called something else, I am trapped in terminology dating back into the Nineties and the introduction of a popular graphical operation system, as opposed to some of the Unix systems I once used.
  7. Situation. APub, latest version. In full screen mode. Bring in a photo, click on the text box option and up pops the text wrap panel. Enter the options, wrap around the photo, enter distance from text. Close. All good. Import another photo. Click on the icon for the text wrap panel and "nothing happens". Click anywhere and the system beeps at you. Excape does nothing. Seems to be hung. But, it isn't. Go and leave full screen mode and the text wrap panel appears, and can be used. Seems to be an interesting "feature". Solution seems to not use full screen mode, or jump back and forth. System is a 2019 edition iMac, 27 inch, Monterey 12.2.1
  8. Thank you, I'll open a terminal window and go hunting as they are not quickly showing in the file finder. The recovery file will be somewhere, in the page file, or somewhere similar. Dixon
  9. Good morning. Then possibly this is my ignorance as the preferences are set to 300 seconds (5 minutes) and I simply do not know where this file might be hiding, as when APub came back (yes, it crashed a couple minutes later, crash file sent to Pauls) it was the older version of the file. For your two options, it was an existing file, previously saved several times (I started programming on batch cards, I have learned through experience [cmd+s for APub] is something done regularly and religiously. Specifically, this was kind of an error, as APub did not crash (this time). > "But sometimes it doesn't work." Sadly, this may be the case. But, where might the recovery file, or temporary files hide on an 2019 edition iMac? Thank you, Dixon IMG_5021.heic
  10. I was editing a file, and stupidly I had not saved it in over an hour. Suddenly up popped a message that I have never seen before - "Access to document file lost: FILENAME". Access to the document's file was lost. This file must now be closed" All of the work for the past hour was lost. Is there no recovery file that could have been accessed? I don't mind the regular APub crashes. I just reopen the recovery file, save, and continue on. This is annoying as work is lost. In two years of using APub, I have never had this happen. (iMac, latest OS, hybrid drive, latest APub version)
  11. True about the manual, but it is an excellent resource! As for the hamburger icon, I have the icons as large as they would go and was hoping for slightly larger. There are numerous work arounds that I have done, including cut and pasting to construct one. I was hopeful that there might be a single setting somewhere which I could leverage. But the thread has been instructive, to which I am grateful.
  12. Did the first, but was trying more for what is in your second image. Mea culpa, I never dragged it over far enough to get the double width, or triple &c. I will search further on adjusting thumbnail size, I did not see it in the workbook, and have tried (obviously not very effectively) to adjust in the past. Thank you, Dixon
  13. While the column of spreads down the left hand side of the (default) Affinity workspace is quite helpful, is there a way to have a "contact sheet"-like display that I could at the least, export to PDF for discussion, planning, purposes? It would be helpful to drop those wee images (scalable) onto an 11x17 sheet to share, print, mark-up as the layout of a newsletter/ magazine is discussed. Thank you, Dixon Kenner Canada
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