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  1. toneloop

    Program unresponsive, didn't save file

    I'm struggling to recreate but I did create a new folder in the save dialog box so yes does sound similar thing. On opening Designer after I was able to get most of the work via the recovered file dialog.
  2. toneloop

    Program unresponsive, didn't save file

    Just to add. It was like there was a modal box blocking access, except there was not modal box to be seen. Because I was in full screen mode I was wondering whether it could have got trapped behind. Unfortunately I couldn't exit FS mode so....
  3. Hi, I was designing something in full screen mode on OS X. I want to save it, created a new folder for it to be saved in, then saved the file. Except something bad happened. Everywhere I clicked on designer menus, canvas etc I just got a thunk sound indicating that I couldn't do that. Most of the menu options were greyed out. eventually had to force quit. I looked in the folder and my design hadn't saved. Anyone know what was going on? Thanks
  4. toneloop

    Chromatic aberration bug : Affinity Photo

    I discovered what the behaviour was with 'Zoom not working'. My keyboard action was to hold down the command key first and then spacebar. If I do this, or even hold them down at the same time( as good as), the zoom doesn't work and the computer just beeps a lot. If I clearly hold down space first then the command key it works. Is this how it should behave?
  5. toneloop

    Chromatic aberration bug : Affinity Photo

    When you say hold-ctrl is that when starting the app, because that just brings up context menu for me. I tried it on another file and that seemed to be OK. After doing that I went back to the gates.ARW file and now this is OK. Have had a similar thing on the cmd-space shortcut to zoom in on these files. It seemed to work intermittently and I am not sure what I did (if anything ) that changed the behaviour. In this case pressing cmd-space didn't change to the zoom cursor and I get the repeated invalid key combo noises. Then after a while I did something and it started working again. I suspect some of this may be due to me being new and setting something without knowing, hence the tutorial. Will see how the rest of it goes.
  6. I am following the Lynda.com course on affinity photo and have encountered the following bug. I opened the file as raw and proceeded to make a few contrast/hue type changes. Eventually I clicked on the chromatic aberration box. This seemed to take a while and the CA progress bar was visible. After doing this any further changes I made were not reflected in the image. I could add/remove vignettes and the images was static. I would attach the file but it is just over the limit. It is the gates.ARW file in the first section of Steve Caplin's course if you have access to it. Regards Colin McGowan
  7. Hi thanks for your reply. No, I hadn't seen the video tutorials overview. That looks very useful and likely what I am looking for. I did see the video tutorials but I didn't notice the beginner ones down at the bottom. I will take a look at tuts+ as I have had some success with their tutorials before. Cheers
  8. Hi, I have only briefly tried to use vector tools such as Designer. Is there a good, structured, learning tutorial for it? I know there are lots of great tutorials here but I'm looking for something to help me build from the basics upwards. Or is there some way of structuring the tutorials here into a logical learning sequence. Thanks Colin
  9. +1 The icons do strain my eyes on a 27" 2560px display. The use of colour in them may contribute to making them a bit less obvious too but mainly the size.