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  1. Please get some of your developers/designers/testers 5k iMacs to test with. I'm sure the UI works well with a laptop/notebook sized screen but as far as I'm concerned it's unuseable on my iMac. I am 54 years of age and wear glasses but I work with loads of other apps on my iMac with no problem. I'm not asking you to change your UI - just to add the option to scale it up. I know you have some preferences to scale things up but none of them get anywhere near making the UI useable for me. I love your apps, I love your company, I just can't work with the miniscule icons and text. :)
  2. I've said this before on other posts, please, PLEASE, PLEASE allow us to enlarge the icons and fonts in the UI. There are options in preferences to supposedly increase these but their largest size is still laughably small for a 27" retina iMac. I have bought Affinity Designer and would also buy Affinity Photo but I quite literally cannot use them.
  3. Please, please, please can you offer an option to increase the size of UI elements? It's not a matter of measuring yourself against other apps' UIs, there is the option for Affinity to be the market leader. You obviously recognise that there is a need for different sizes for the 'Tool UI' so why not for the UI itself? iOS is now leading the field with scalable fonts at a system level so you would be ahead of the pack as it is inevitable that at some stage this will come to the Mac. If I'm using a laptop it makes no difference as I'm sitting maybe 12-14 inches from the screen, but with my 5k iM
  4. I would also love to see an option for bigger UI elements, Icons and Font Sizes.
  5. I was in the BETA and just now purchased the full version. I would love for a preference that increases the icon and font size in the UI as I am using it on a 27" 5k iMac. I really had thought this was the preference I was looking for. Ah well...
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