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  1. Hi, Since i updated to AD and AP 1.4.2 i find some text of the UI not so crisp anymore.This is clearly seen in the layers panel. Also when i make a text layer i see hidden characters in the layer name.This also happens in AD beta 1.5. Mac OS 10.11.3 MacMini (2012) quad i7 Jack.
  2. Thats exactly what i'm looking for.Those double arrows i missed somehow. Thank you very much,you rock! Jack.
  3. Wouldn't it be simpler if you could write a plugin for FCPX and Motion that can import Affinity files?(in due time because you have a lot of other things to do :) ) Jack.
  4. OK,so i suppose snapping text to a plane is not possible at the moment?
  5. Hi, I like the new iso grid in AD but there is no way that i can see to make text snap to a plane. I notice in the snapping pane that there is a check box for snapping on construction lines and projecting on axis but these are greyed out. Are these not available yet or am i missing something? Jack.
  6. Wonderfull really the best chrome effect ever seen.Learned something again. Jack.
  7. Hi , Very good tutorial. I can understand German perfectly but i'm not good in writing it so my reply is in English. Make more we can use them. Jack.
  8. Hi, nice tutorial i'm following it to. What you have to do is click on the thumbnail on the mask to select it then you can paint on the mask. By default a mask is always white and then you can paint with black to hide things and white to reveal. What he did was selecting the mask and then used the flood fill tool to make it black, so to invert the mask. Using the flood fill on a mask doesn't work in AF. What you have to do and what he had to do.is select the mask then go to menu -Layer- and choose -invert- that is the more logicall approach. Inverting the mask gives you the power to "ad
  9. I would rather like to see that Serrif made a plugin for Apple Motion so that we could import layered Affinity files. Although a complete new application would be nice to. Jack.
  10. Ok thanks,but nobody else has this under their avatar.
  11. Hi, Why does it say "0 warning points" beneath my avatar? Jack.
  12. artyr

    RAW files

    Hi, This link might be useful to some people. I'm not a photographer but i could explore the Develop Persona now. http://www.rawsamples.ch/index.php/en/ Jack.
  13. Nice vid.But when you say it is slow on your computer.I notice that you are running the program from the disk image instead from the HD,Try installing it on your HD that might make a difference. Jack.
  14. Wow! great stuff Mike. Jack.
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