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  1. +1 for this feature! @MEB If I create Artboards with white icons, it's necessary to give the ArtBoard a background color because the white icons are not visible on white background. On export, the ArtBoard background color is also exported and it would be nice to have an option to exclude the ArtBoard color from export. See the attached screenshot from Sketch with an option to include (or not) the Artboard background color in export.
  2. Thanks for your explanation. Unfortunately, your hint doesn't help me, because this is not practicable with > 100 references and more than 50 documents. I like Affinity but sometimes I ask myself why there are a lot of basic features missing, but some freaky features already implemented.
  3. I need to insert some references as page numbers from one page to another page. E.g. on page 10 is a specific section and I need to reference it on page 42 like „see page 10". The way is (on InDesign) to create an anchor on page 10 and insert an hyperlink to this anchor as page number on page 42. But I can't found the way to insert the page number on AP. I can' t believe that this is not possible because it is an absolute basic function of a publishing program. Could anybody help me?
  4. Thanks Thomas, it does not solve this problem but it helps me on another problem.
  5. Is it right that Affinity Publisher can’t edit inline tables? If I create a table and inline it into my text, I’m not able to change the content of the table until I make the table floating.
  6. I have some text frames pinned to other text frames. If I remove a pinned text frame, AP crashes instantly. I have to unpin the frames first and then I can remove the frames.
  7. Do you look for this? Fields panel → Document Sections → Run Last Page
  8. Hello, I would like to number some headlines in a two-sided document and display the current number on the left and right side of the headline. The numbering itself is not such a problem, but I don't know how to display it on the right side of the headline and how to set it automatically so that it is displayed correctly for even and odd pages. Can anyone give me some advice? Thanks!
  9. Hmm, it’s a little bit confusing. Now it works on a new document. Possible that the problem is: create text with the text tool paste a text on it (regular) damned … undo paste text with Paste Without Format again damned … text has website format The problem is that UNDO removes only the pasted text but keeps on the format of the pasted text.
  10. If I copy a text from a website and paste it with »Paste Without Format« in Designer, there are all format information (color, size, font, etc.) taken. There is no different with the normal past function.
  11. There should be a way to past text (e.g. copied from a website) without format information. The common keyboard shortcut ist cmd+alt+shift+v but it does not work and there is also no menu item for this.
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