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  1. It's been maybe a week-and-a-half/two weeks since I filled out the online request to be informed about the Grade UI kit. I thought maybe it wasn't available yet, but I've read some posts here that mention users have received links within 10 minutes or so of completing the web form. As my Mac mail isn't tremendously skilled at figuring out what I want it to label as junk, I always have to go through the junk folder to mark things as junk or not junk, so I'm fairly confident I would have noticed an affinity address in there. I did check to see if I'd typed my email into the form correctly be reentering my name/address, and the system told me that my email was already registered, so I must've typed in in correctly. Should I try to use a different email address or something?
  2. When using AD in Separated Mode, I can't get a previously saved document's window--that I've sized and positioned on the screen in the exact position I want it located relative to the Studio panels--to reopen in either the same position relative to the panels it was previously or at the same size that it was. Only the panels reappear in their former position (as I'm guessing their location information is attached to the application rather than a particular document). The first image below is what I want the screen setup to look like; the second shows what happens after quitting and reopening the document: How can I maintain the document window's identical position and size in the Separated view each time I reopen it?
  3. I've been able to change the shortcut for the Rectangle, Ellipse, and Rounded-Rectangle Tools, but I don't see a listing for the Tool that includes the rest of the shapes (triangle, arrow, etc.). I noticed that, when hovering over that tool before I changed things, the "Shapes" Tool displayed the M shortcut--same as the Rectangle Tool. After changing the Rectangle to R, no shortcut is listed on the Shapes Tool, so it must have been "removed" somewhere. Does anyone know how to access the shortcut entry field for it? I couldn't find anything related under the Draw/Tools list in the Keyboard Shortcuts section of Preferences.
  4. Oh, I see--you have to move the mouse off of the dots. The sizing arrows appear when the pointer is on top of the dot, and the skewing arrows appear in a small region outside the dot (similar to where the rotation arrows appear near the corner dots). Thanks, Hokusai!
  5. The only difference I have between the four corner dots and the four dots in the middle of the sides is that the corner ones allow me to rotate. The "middle" ones only allow me to stretch/shrink in that direction (no skew ability). Maybe I'm doing it wrong? The double-arrow that appears when hovering over a middle dot are normal/perpendicular to the side; should be be parallel to it in order to get it to skew? (Perhaps I should mention that I'm trying this in Photo, not Designer. I often have to adjust the tilt of pictures I take with my iPad because of that annoyingly off-center camera it has.)
  6. Ah, yes--that was the key. I've been thinking that I had the entire layer selected rather than just the most recent curve. If I select the main layer all of my curves are on, then the eraser tool can manipulate each of them. Thanks for the assist, Leigh!
  7. For example, say I'm using a brush tool in Vector Persona and then switch over to Pixel Persona to access the "eraser" tool. When I return to VP, my brush tool is no longer selected, and the Move tool is. Leaving a Persona seems to result in the application thinking I want to access the Move tool when I return. I can't seem to find any sort of option to change this, so it's likely it's unchangeable behavior... but plenty of options have slipped past my detection so far, so I could definitely be mistaken! 8^)
  8. If I draw a squiggle in Vector Persona switch to Pixel Persona select the Erase Brush Tool I can erase a portion (or all) of the squiggle I just drew. If I then switch back to Vector Persona draw a second squiggle in Vector Persona switch to Pixel Persona select the Erase Brush Tool I can only erase the second squiggle--the first one is no longer editable. If I draw two squiggles in Vector Persona switch to Pixel Persona select the Erase Brush Tool Again, I can only erase the second squiggle--the first one is no longer editable. That doesn't seem to be correct behavior, as I'd only have one shot at erasing something I drew earlier. What am I doing wrong? Might I have a preference in the Assistant Manager (something the Help files referred to in the EB Tool section) incorrectly set?
  9. Ah, thank you! And there's not currently a way to duplicate a palette, correct? For example, I couldn't duplicate the "Crayon" palette, rename it, and then delete the colors I didn't want from the duplicate, right?
  10. Which Reset option in the Miscellaneous panel of Designer's preferences will do the least resetting of all my options and still return my color palette to its original layout? As you can see from the attached screenshot, several colors have been accidentally dragged out of position (imo, it's too easy to move them; I'd like to see a modifier key needed in addition to a drag in order to move the colors around), and I'd like to return the order to what it was originally:
  11. Oh, right--I remember finding that when I first got the software. Sorry to waste your time with that one! 8^) Is there a reason that certain subset packages are split up (e.g. I can add a single package containing the Paint Brush, Color Replacement Brush and Pixel Tools, or I can add each one individually), but others aren't? And why it differs between Photo and Designer? For instance, in Designer, there are individual shapes--though not all--available along with the combined package; but, in Photo, only the package option is available.
  12. Is there a reason that the Pixel Tool and Brush Tool are in the same subset in Photo but displayed as separate tools in Designer?
  13. I'd like the ability to remove tools from the standard palette (in both Photo and Designer), especially subset items. There are so many tools that I don't use that I'd like to remove them, and I'd like the ability to pull commonly used subset items (like Rectangle, Ellipse, etc. from the Shapes tool) and place them on the "main" level. I'm hoping removing unused tools would also remove them from the keyboard shortcuts/toggles (in Photo, for example, "B" cycles between four different tools, two of which I don't use).
  14. In recent weeks I've noticed that sometimes AP can save a document in another location without issue, but it still happens sometimes that the error window will pop up. I can't spot a pattern. And none of the folders I try to save into have different permissions than normal (I've never actually changed those settings, and I'm the only one who uses this computer, but I did check them to make sure that my admin acct had "Read & Write" under Privileges in the Get Info panel.
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