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    Level clipping (?)

    Thanks MEB. It looks like there is actually a "default" mask for each adjustment layer. Is it possible to refine this mask ? Can I copy this default mask to other layers ? Regards
  2. nicoppc

    Level clipping (?)

    Another question: Does the mask work ? It seems not possible to mask or unmask (by painting using the brush tool). Also, it's not quiet possible to select layer or its mask. Affinity selects both.. Affinty Photo is really different from PS... I am trying since 10 min to fill my mask with white..
  3. nicoppc

    Level clipping (?)

    Indeed. Setting 1% get it work.. Thanks for your reply!
  4. Hello everyone! Today I gave another try to Affinity Photo. There has been some updates.. Shortcuts still does not work properly.. ok. let's wait. A basic function we use everyday in PS is the level layer. We use the clipping (in PS, pressing alt on Mac) to precisely set the value for each channel. It does not seem to work on Affinity.. Also you can not change channel using cmd-2, cmd-3.. like on PS. Any chance it will be implemented ? Regarda
  5. if one click on L, the tool will always change. so one can not know which shortcut I will get. so one can not know what tool will be use. in PS, one need to press shift+L to change tool, and just l to select. So I mean the shortcuts are not working: pressing a shortcut, random tool
  6. Hello, I bought Affinity right from the very first version in order to replace PS. Unfortunately, the software is using the very basics features, I would requiere to work. I am writing "I", but most of the photographers in the city are missing the same. Please consider this topic not as a negativ critic but constructive feedback . Please, if I missed something just spot me my mistake! Tiff. Usually, I do some adjustment in the RAW convertor (CaptureOne, Lightroom..) and then "edit with..". Then, I get a tiff which get opened in Affinity. Then I can do some find work. and "ctrl-s" to save my work. This does not work. Affinity can not save as tiff, only export as. It means -> Affinity can not be integrated in as editor a raw convertor. And is quiet useless.. Shortcuts. Does not work IMO. you do not know what you get when you press a key. Please, implement working shortcuts "à la" PS. Is there any patent on that ??? Any equivalent of PS "Transform" (Perspective, Distort, ...). I tried with the perspective tool, after 10 minutes I gave up. Done in PS in less than 2 mins.. Most of the function in Affinity are 2-3 slower as in PS CS6. Line selection tool equivalent ??q Level tool: is it possible to switch channel using keyboard ? Is there a clipping functionality like PS (in PS pressing alt). Thanks!
  7. Hello! I am giving a try to Affinty ounce again. Here my (constructive) remarks. Maybe I am missing something.. - crop tool does not apply any constraint using the predefined ratio. (???) - shortcuts very difficult to work with: one press select -> second press deselect (???). - No clipping in the level tool per channel - No possibility to switch channel using a shortcuts in the level tool (?) - In general, I think the level tool layout could be updated. Maybe a bigger window with master and the R, G , B channel. - "polygone" selection tool. By pressing shift with lasso but releasing shift close the selection (?). - Performances (display, many layers) not as good as PS CS6 Otherwise, it's working ok. Panorama works well as well. I am really looking for a better shortcuts implementations and a dedicated "polygon" selection. Especially shortbuts, make it a nightmare to use. Thanks for listening.
  8. (at least to me and my colleagues to get started with Affinity) Save As "layered Tiff" (NOT export) Ability to select tools using the keyboard keys (and NOT the way it is now, maybe add it as option in the preferences...) Save As / Export as background process Ability to make new guide line by dragging them from the scales Line (polygone) selection tool is not in the selection tool menu (???) Affinity is currently about 2-3 times slower than PS CS6 on my machine. It's a little painful with 22MP pictures, we also works with 60-100MP pictures using PS.. Transform/perspective/resize tool a little un-intuitive (?) Level tools should display the peaking value while pressing alt (like PS). No default preset in many tools (Curves, HSL, etc...) We are really looking forward to throw PS away. Unfortunately, Affinity does not match our need (yet). Regards
  9. Hello, I gave today another try to Affinity as Photoshop replacement. I am a pro photograph (so I have little time to waste). There are some good point, really: - Fill "in-paiting": good and fast. And moreover, preview. Bravo! - Works pretty well Here my remarks and (constructive!) criticism: - Selecting a tool using the keyboard is "bad". Because when one press a key, let's say "j", one does know know the selected tool. Indeed, each time one press a tool's key, it will change the tools inside the tools's group. To my mind, it's really bad. Make it like the other pressing the key select the tool inside, period. Pressing shift-key, change the tool inside the tools's group - Selection using the L tool is ok. But you NEED a line type selection. One need to quickly select a geometrical object. - Tiff multi-layered support. -> integration in DAM like Lightroom, CaptureOne... - I was not able to correct perspective. I know I would use the move tool, but.. I could only scale and rotate.. - opening a 16bit gray Tiff, the picture is really too bright. The same picture is good in Preview, PS, etc.. - While adjusting something, let's say HSL, double click in the slider should reset it to 0. - Do a selection and apply a layer (Let's say Curve). The layer will be applied to the selection... but how to I change it ? While not create a masked layer ? - So I could build "path" (curve) , however, the path get destroy (!!) when doing a selection. And It's not possible to do more than one closed "path". This make some of our project impossible to achieve.. We really want to remove PS. make it possible Keep going! Thanks for listening Take care
  10. Hello, selecting tool using the keyboard is really challenging. Indeed, pressing the appropriate key will most of the time give you a different tools. Example: press P. Did you get the pen tool or the node tool ? Press B: Which one did you get ? no ones know. I tried today once again to use Affinity in my workflow but I failed. Unfortunately. It crashes several times, I did a wonderful path with the node tool which I could not convert to a selection afterwards, and keep fighting a brush... and was not able to get a black/white brush.. In the end, I did my gradient and mask in PS in less than 2 minutes.. Let's hope, it will change in Affinity 2.0
  11. Hello, What about layers flatten like in PS ?
  12. Ok. Thanks for your reply. It's a start. Keep going :-)