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  1. Yes. "Intel HD Graphics 4000 1536 MB". Is it an issue in Affinity or in the MacOS ? Ok. Thanks! Cheers
  2. Disabling Metal computation slow down general performances BUT the path tool dod not crash.
  3. Hi! This is a MacBook Pro 2012 13' i7. I guess the GPU is super lame! bit is working. It does help a bit usually when application support it. It's either a bit faster or as fast as the COU (but keep the COU free for other tasks). I uploaded the pictures as well as a screencast from the crash. Thanks. Keep me up to date!
  4. Hi! I've been using the patch tool as well as inpainting on some pictures this week. It tend to crash quiet oft. I can provide (private to developers) a pictures which trigger 100% the issue. In attachment, you can find the MacOs crash reports. Moreover, the patch tool is about 10 times slower as PS CS6. request: Fix the crash optimise it. A 8 years old software ist so much more optimise! System: MacOs High Sierra, MBP 2012 13' - i7 16Gb Regards crash report.rtf
  5. Hello, I can reproduce the following behaviour on Affinity Photo (1.8.3 on Mac). Make some edit on a Tiff, with layers and save: Affinity will export the pictures and it can takes a little while if the file is big while exporting, open a new file to Affinity using the Finder or Bridge. -> Result, the new pictures will be loaded, but the export progress bar will never disappears and one has to "Force Quit" Affinity. Can others reproduce this ? Regards
  6. Hi ! I noticed something a bit frustrating in Affinity Photo: When using some tools (like Select -> Feather..), the keyboards is not focus on the tool. Example: Open a image make a selection Do Select -> Feather / Shift - F6 a new window pops up where you can enter the feather radius with "apply" and "cancel". For me, it would be intuitive to just type some value on my keyboards and then Enter (for apply) or eventually Esc (for cancel). It's done this way in PS. However, in Affinity, this is not this way and it's not me very contra-intuitive. Keyboards as some others function. What do you think ? Regards
  7. Hi ! Like in the title: Level clipping per channel only working if master is non 0. It means, the clipping is not display (pressing alt on Mac) per channel if the master level is 0. This is an old issue but it's still present in the current version (1.8.3). Please, fix this. It should not be so hard! Thanks
  8. Hello! Using latest Affinity Photo (1.8.3), I noticed the issue (level clipping per channel only work if master level is not 0) is still there. Please fix this :). This is one of our most used tool which is not as good as PS. As PS CS6 is not working anymore on current MacOS and that High Sierra will not be supported long anymore, this feature is most needed to fully replaced PS. Regards
  9. Thanks! Ok. Indeed, the Mask is show inside the group and not on the side (like PS). Now, I have an empty mask with some adjustement layers insde. However, how do I feel the mask ? I tried to paint white.. but it paints black (??). Also, it's very laggy..
  10. Thanks for your reply... but it did not work out here.. Maybe I'm missing something. By the way, how to create a group mask then ?? Thanks:) afp_group_bug.mov
  11. Hello, First a disclaimer. I am using PS CS6 as a raster editing software in my workflow. It's working well.. Unfortunately, due to Adobe's policy it has to be replaced in a new feature. Moreover, it may not work on upcoming MacOs. I've been looking at Affinity Photo since version 1.0... it looked really great on paper. However, each version just massively disappointed me. It's missing the basics... Please remember, I'm speaking about my needs, which may not be yours.. I'm aware the software may work for some... However it does not for me. Many of my colleagues works the same way. Let's list some issues: Missing proper Tiff support. To get integrated in my work flow, the software needs to open and save tiff seamlessly. Affinity can not "Save as... (tiff)". Sure, it can export.. but this is not the same thing Now.. if one open a Tiff, do the editing and "Save": After some warning requester it works. However, if I do the same but quit the app, Affinity will offer me to "Save" the file, but it will actually want to save it as afphoto and not tiff.. The icon "New Group" does not work if no layers is selected. However, the same command, new Group, work from the menu. (Do you test your software ?) Mask feather: About 50 times slower as PS and limited to 100 px. It's so slow that you can not get any preview.. Mask... Well. I tried yesterday about one hour. I could not understand how they works. I could not create any Group mask. Most of the time I do NOT see the mask in the layers panel. and if it does, it's very difficult to see I created a curve layer with simple mask (with a selection). Then I painted using the brush in white to extend the mask -> this action actually removes part of the mask .. (????). Well, it's also bout 5 times slower as PS Level tool still does not work. In order to get the clipping preview (press alt), pro channel one need to set the master level at least at 1%.. Changing the brush size and hardness is not practical (it only shows a few circles but not the gradient of the actual brush..) and it's super laggy That's it... I did not tried yet path.. Affinity: I think this are basic features which photographers (imo) needs every day.. Without Affinity is jus useless.. Thanks for your understandings
  12. Hey, While you are at the mask's code. Painting "white" on a mask remove it.. Tryting to create a mask on a group failed. when no layers are selected the icon "new group" does not work but the menu Layer - New Group works.. Feather on mask is limited to 100 px and about 10 times slower as PS... Save as .. Tiff is missing.. Ctrl-S with a Tiff -> Save it correctly: good Ctrl-Q with a Tiff -> want to save it as a new afphoto. Confess... you did not test it :-P
  13. Thanks MEB. It looks like there is actually a "default" mask for each adjustment layer. Is it possible to refine this mask ? Can I copy this default mask to other layers ? Regards
  14. Another question: Does the mask work ? It seems not possible to mask or unmask (by painting using the brush tool). Also, it's not quiet possible to select layer or its mask. Affinity selects both.. Affinty Photo is really different from PS... I am trying since 10 min to fill my mask with white..
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