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  1. Ok. Thanks for your answer. Looking forward a fix. Have a great day. Cheers
  2. Hi MEB, Thanks for your answer. I will try in the afternoon. Is it a bug in "Automatically remove ghosts" or it just work like this. Because it actually is adding ghosts.. Have a great day and keep improving Affinity
  3. Done. Let me know.. I have to merge a few files.. )
  4. Sure. For Affinity only, I can provide the files. Give me an upload link.
  5. Hi ! Today I wanted to merge some HDR shoot. IT did not crash but the output colors are completely wrong. I can share here the complete picture but I attached a crop of it. Is anyone experiencing the same issue ? PS: I tested both with and without GPU acceleration on both Mac and Windows. On Mac also with the latest beta (1.9.229) Have a great day Merge result. Colors are correct in the sources pictures.
  6. Hi Michail! It actually works "as expected" with the White Layer outside the group. Great work around Thanks a lot! Cheers
  7. Hi Michail, White pixel Layer + Soft Light + Transpareny allow to bright up the picture in a nice smooth way... like an adjustement. I like to have may adjustement in a group. How do you feel about this behaviour ? Regards
  8. Hi MEB, ok. This is a "point of view" which I do not share but I do respect. This is sinilar to the "bug" in the level tool. -> I would advise do ask the community if it makes sense this way or not On my side, it means "Layer can not be disable in Affinity". Have a great day
  9. Ok. Thanks for your reply. So a disabled layer has an effect.. so it is not disabled ? Sarcasm: "It's not a big, it's a feature". To my mind, it's a "wrong" design. but I am not the only user out of there. Maybe you could organize a pool on the forum? Cheers
  10. Hello, I am using the latest stable Affinity Photo for Windows (1.9.1). It works great so far but I notice something really weird. To me, it's a bug. There is is a group of adjustement layer a white pixel layer with Soft Light 7%. disabled this pixel layer added a Vibrance layer with saturation 100% -> almost nothing happend Delete this layer -> Saturation is applied. See the attachement. I blured the person because I know she don't want to be ssen online. Can anymore reproduce this ? Have a great day
  11. Hi! I was not aware about the shift key drawing straight line. I did not use shift.. Regards
  12. Hi! This latest beta does not open my tiff anmore. It crashes just after starting to load one file.The sames tiff works great with the latst public (1.8) version. I can provide some tiff in PM to developpers. Regards
  13. Hi! In the Beta, using the inline paiting results oft in a strange behaviour: The the painting "jumps" to another part of the screen. See screenshot. Regards
  14. Hi! Just lost another file. Affinity was saving an afphoto. FAiled.. and I lost my work. It mostly happen with big file. Unfortunately, Affinity Photo has serious stability issue making it unusable for prod. Hope to see a new stable version soon. Regards
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