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  1. I really find it hard to read the adjustment panel's text and wish it could be made a bit bigger
  2. I have a (non retina) 27" iMac and the text is too small to use easily. I'm 64. I could use it at a pinch but why bother with the neck and back problems squinting a lot close to the screen causes? Yes I can just see it but I work at arms length from the screen and for this it is too small to use without discomfort. I have a 7 other image editing apps and can use them all without this problem. Until this is changed I'll carry on using Ps, Lr, Photmatix, DPP (what I actually use DPP! mad or what?) Aurora (small but not as small), Helicon Focus, PTGui Pro, Imageprint, nor do I have a problem w
  3. Thanks for the feedback chaps I can't use it as it is, but I buy affinity and support it anyway as I like whee they are (hopefully) headed :) :D
  4. Just downloaded affinity and the first thing I tried was to get the font size bigger as its too small for my eyes Either it doesn't actually change when chosen larger in prefs (after restart) or the cha age is too small to make much difference Am I doing something wrong or should it be larger than It seems In Photoshop the UI font size is set to the largest and is OK for me Using 27" iMac screenshot actually looks clearer than in the app but I think thats because its directly in front of eye not to the far right of the screen. I can see it, but it is not easy on the eye I have to squint
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