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  1. BnBGobo99

    Strawberry, practice (AD)

    The leaf bits came out with a nice painterly look, while the strawberry itself came out very realistically! If you ever have the chance, I'd be interested to see how you do your preparation before you start building and workflow once you do start.
  2. BnBGobo99

    A little monster selfy....

    I'm a fan of the outlines, just like @DannyBCreative noted. They have their own distinct appeal
  3. BnBGobo99

    New Pikachu artwork

    Good work! I usually cheat by using Inkscape to do the bitmap-to-vector conversion (something I hope future versions of Affinity Designer will add)... I've only tried to re-draw one from scratch by hand, so I give props to you. I know nothing of Pikachu, so I can't comment on the accuracy, but I like how your design looks.
  4. BnBGobo99

    Affinity Photo - Squadron Photo

    Thank you everybody for the comments. @jmwellborn, it's our honor to serve you, honestly. @Jowday, thanks for taking a crack at it--I saw the leveling of the formation, looks good I like the lightening of the paneling inside the open bay doors, it enhances the contrast for that photo from the other two. My first attempt (y'all are seeing attempt #3) was cropped like your second post. I had just the center group, but when I added the side formations at later days' shots I had to include the entire hangar to make it fit the 8x10. Interestingly enough, this was used as a gift for our outgoing Chief, and included in the frame was the original blueprint for the hangar from 1930's, so having the blueprint on the bottom of the frame and the whole hangar as a photo on the top turned out to be aesthetically pleasing and fit well. For history buffs, our hangar was burned out during the Dec 7 Pearl Harbor attack, with several other hangars behind ours hit worse or just as bad. Below is a photo of Hangar 11 or 15 which is a few rows behind ours. (visit source for much larger view: https://vintagetopia.co/2018/08/09/19-interesting-facts-about-the-attack-on-pearl-harbor/)
  5. I'd like to share a labor with you all. I welcome your thoughts and critiques (and tips for next time too), my friends are either non-photographers or are too nice to tell me what they think. My unit has 24-hour operations so it's near impossible to get everybody together at once. Instead of waiting for a down-day, we just took photos at different times on different days and would splice them together. We had the option of doing sun-sync and trying to catch the shadows at the same angle each time, or just "storm the beaches of danger" and take the photos at wildly different times (my idea, to my regret at times during this project). My intent was to get a sunset, early morning, and mid-day shot for maximum contrast, but instead I only got about a 5-hour spread represented. Taken with a budget D3400 using kit 15-55mm lens and a borrowed D810 using 35mm prime. Sky replacement was done by the plug-in "Uplift - Epic Skies". I had to warp the photos (the left side crazily so) to get them to line up. Masks and adjustment layers on each. The folks and the hangar behind them were also taken separately from different photographs (one with the hangar roof visible and one with just their bodies/faces for clarity (except the right panel, I couldn't zoom in since I was using the prime lens that day), so five photographs (not counting the skies). I also had to clone the sides and ground because I didn't have enough coverage for an 8x10. Biggest errors I see are (1) it's not centered--that's my bad, I was focusing on the doors when I took the photographs and didn't realize the doors aren't centered on the roof (agh!); (2) the formation isn't straight (I'm thinking I could have done a last perspective shift after the entire thing was composed to level out roof horizontally and the formation horizontally at the same time); (3) many of the door windows don't line up; (4) the roof is masking-clipped, especially on the left (all that warping did a number and I wasn't careful on the cleanup). All told, 11 hours of work (I'm very... very slow at doing this)... 2.5GB file size (still can't figure out why, I think all the adjustment layers and masks maybe?)
  6. BnBGobo99

    Affinity Designer for Windows - 1.7.0

    Giant thank you! I signed in tonight to export a file in pieces because it hasn't been exported as a whole correctly in previous versions--saw the update was available, re-launched and exported as a single file in perfect form. This update saved me over an hour of work, thank you so much!
  7. BnBGobo99

    Focus stacking - 160 and 25 frames

    "Wow, that is amazing" were the words that escaped my mouth from the results of the second image. I have some scopes and macro filters around the house, I want to go try this!
  8. I have been using Affinity Photo and Affinity Designer for a little under two years now, and I have enjoyed Designer very much. I used Designer and Publisher to build the below trifold for my church. I'd like to share it to show how useful Publisher was, it's not as polished as much of the other work here, but it will serve it's purpose. I was supposed to get this published in time for Tropical Storm Olivia, but since it's overhead right now I guess I'm a little late. (The names and personal numbers are fake.)