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    An exercise in working in black and white using Affinity Designer. What I need to do is find a few brushes I like and save them in a new folder of favourites as I find there too many options in the standard brushes and I loose track of where I am. I like the sprays and splatters as they give good textures. Need to play around a little more to find pencils/charcoals I like. For this image I sketched an idea in Procreate, then placed it into AD where I created basic vector linework before adding textures in pixel mode. I'd be happy not using colour anyday.
  3. Matthew Slater

    Gardener's Lunch

    Hi. I drew a very rough initial fountain pen sketch in a sketchbook, photographed it on the iPad and imported the photo into Designer. I then used this sketch as a template for creating groups and layers for all the parts. I always try and group/layer everything so that I can easily move or hide elements. The process is more fiddly on the iPad than working in Illustrator on a Mac with a drawing tablet but the results were well worth the time and effort. I currently find Procreate a better app for sketching with than using the pixel mode in Designer, is is just more efficient. However, I need to explore it more. It is just a matter of sitting down and playing, or finding a challenge to get excited about.
  4. Matthew Slater

    Spring Fox

    A picture inspired by a Herefordshire apple orchard I visited a few years ago where there was a carpet of daisies between the trees. Enjoying using Affinity Designer on my iPad rather too much!
  5. Matthew Slater

    Gardener's Lunch

    . My first attempt at using Designer - and on an iPad. Very pleased with the results.