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  1. thisldo


    Good morning eejits. I've just been enjoying your fabulous work. I so admire your art style and imagination!! Just wanted to let you know your sharing here is much appreciated and admired.
  2. thisldo

    more experimental experimenting

    LOL dutchshader. I was not sure....it looked to me more like a "morning after a big night" face. But I tried....
  3. thisldo

    more experimental experimenting

    You guys....LOL. This whole thread made me try to do a "pun face".... Just kidding of course. Your original picture ianrb is great, and I like how the rest of the folks expounded on it too.
  4. thisldo

    Leaf and branches Brushes

    Thank you for this nice share. Will be very useful I'm sure.
  5. thisldo

    Halloween Pumpkin Asset in Vector Design

    As one who likes to fool around with drawing such as this , I commend you on this very helpful tutorial. I do not have a tablet but instead work from my PC with AD. I found some very helpful tips that maybe will help my sometimes feeble efforts look better....hopefully. Thanks!
  6. thisldo

    Asset Library 2017 Inktober Vectors

    Thank you StuartRc. These will come in particularly helpful. I appreciate you sharing your considerable talent with those of us less so.
  7. thisldo

    PLEASE READ THIS: Sharing Guidelines

    Yes, just read through the guidelines again and it seems like a pretty fair way to do it. I'm in....
  8. thisldo

    Tea cup illustration

    Oh my goodness, this is an example of realism art in it's finest form!!! I am amazed. Thanks for sharing.
  9. I tend to do mostly cartoony, very amateurish stuff for my own pleasure and relaxation. I started on a few Christmas items this morning and went right to your fantastic brushes to have a go. To this point I have mostly used Brush copy77 and color_pencil2 shortlight and am very pleased so far with the outcome. Since you asked for folks to show you how they might use them I thought I'd post this one, although it is very early on . Thanks for sharing your talent with those of us less fortunate....but trying anyway.
  10. thisldo

    Synchronised drawing - vector or raster

    I have just d/led it to have a play and I am so delighted that you have mastered this technique and share it with us! Although I am not nearly as skilled as most of the other members, even I have been able to turn out some images that are very pleasing to me. This is brilliant and I am very appreciative.
  11. thisldo

    Inktober 2018 (Raster)

    That thud you may have heard was my jaw hitting my desk. This is amazing in every detail. I'd pay a huge amount just for an ounce of your talent if that were possible. LOL I remain a fan of your work.
  12. thisldo

    Coffee cup with spoon

    I have been back to look at this multiple times and each time I see it there are new details that simply stun me. This deserves every accolade one could think of! To say it is amazing would be a terrible understatement. Kudo's on this fantastic piece.
  13. thisldo

    Another place to share work.

    Ok yeah....that worked. Will have a look around. Thanks
  14. thisldo

    Another place to share work.

    Same here.
  15. thisldo

    Sketch concept

    Wow. Impressive work to say the least!!