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  1. thisldo

    Coffee cup with spoon

    I have been back to look at this multiple times and each time I see it there are new details that simply stun me. This deserves every accolade one could think of! To say it is amazing would be a terrible understatement. Kudo's on this fantastic piece.
  2. thisldo

    Another place to share work.

    Ok yeah....that worked. Will have a look around. Thanks
  3. thisldo

    Another place to share work.

    Same here.
  4. thisldo

    Sketch concept

    Wow. Impressive work to say the least!!
  5. thisldo


    Wow! The texture, shading,....well, everything about it is amazing. I am still going back and forth to look at the one you call "Shy" though. That one...as well as the mushrooms you did a while back are more my cuppa. Gotta admire your talent for these amazingly detailed art pieces.
  6. thisldo


    Should be on this page :-) http://idlehours94.blogspot.com/search?updated-max=2018-01-26T07:26:00-08:00&max-results=7 All items here were drawn/vectored with AD. I had an older site that was hacked some time ago and all those were done with another program but at this point I have not been in a hurry to reload those. I am still learning/drawing/doodling, etc. Thanks for asking.
  7. thisldo


    You can bet I will be watching for them.
  8. thisldo


    Thanks for showing the wireframe images. I am definitely a fan of your amazing work and have so much admiration for your artistic skill and talent. While I still plug away at refining my AD skills this type of work is so inspiring. Please ….keep posting.
  9. thisldo

    Round Sticker with Peel Effect

    Indeed it will help to learn this fantastic look! I've saved it and put one in my assets to have a look-see. Thanks so much MRDoodlezz. I am still learning some of the ins and outs of this app and tools such as this help immensely.
  10. thisldo

    Personal Bible Meditation (and some process notes)

    I must say that I admire your artistic/creative talents in producing this interesting set of images. Thank you for sharing.
  11. thisldo

    Crazy Tree Painting

    Love your work on this one StuartRc. I picked up these latest brushes last night. Thank you so much for your very generous sharing of your awesome talent. Am I a fan? You bet!!
  12. thisldo

    Project Brush Assets Ammonite [Mixed Source] 4

    Another very useful set of brushes. Thank you for sharing your brilliant work with us StuartRc.
  13. thisldo

    Beer mug

    Good point Tanjib. Just shows up my lack of talent to see this in the first place. I only added the shadow as an afterthought to enhance the transparency feature....not for once thinking of how a shadow might actually fall. I've much to learn.
  14. thisldo

    Beer mug

    I usually mess about with cartoon-like images just for my fun and the pleasure of creating something. Yesterday someone asked if I could create a beer image for a friend's birthday and I opened AD and came up with this. I'm only sharing here since I usually look in here on a daily basis and admire all the talent and wanted to show that I do learn from y'all. Most times I am a bit shy about showing what I have done since a good bit of it is amateurish at best, but I was pleased with how this came out. I am a staunch Affinity Designer fan!!
  15. thisldo

    Project Brush Assets Poison Set 6

    Wanted to drop you a note to say how appreciated you are for sharing all these amazing brushes. I think I have collected....and used, them all at one time or another. I am strictly an amateur at graphics making and I do it only for my enjoyment.