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  1. Thank you for this nice share! They work nicely and are very much appreciated.
  2. Outstanding work on all these StuartRc! As always, i am in awe of your talents and your generosity in sharing with us. I have my Stuart folders set up and will include these ASAP. I am so appreciative!
  3. How in the world did I miss this? Thank you for the lovely and most useful share RNKLN. I am appreciative of your time and talent.
  4. Absolutely love your sense of humor. This is perfect, and I do admire your neighbor's enthusiasm . Merry Christmas to you and yours.
  5. Stunningly beautiful design here v_kyr! Thank you for your generous share. You are appreciated and admired.
  6. I love the assets v_kyr!! Thank you for the share!
  7. Thank you walt.farrell ! All is well now, with your help I am a happy camper once more.
  8. AD v. on Windows desktop and this is what I am seeing.
  9. ....so could we direct our inquires as to status of development in Affinity Designer to @MattP for further enlightenment as to progress in this area? I would really like to see this implemented as well. Thanks
  10. Wow!! Amazing work and so good of you to share it . Thanks.
  11. Installed and ready to use....more fantastic brushes to try. Thanks StuartRc!! Maybe this home quarantine will be a little less boring as I give these a workout. Sincerely appreciate your generosity!
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