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  1. thisldo

    Project Brush Assets Poison Set 6

    Wanted to drop you a note to say how appreciated you are for sharing all these amazing brushes. I think I have collected....and used, them all at one time or another. I am strictly an amateur at graphics making and I do it only for my enjoyment.
  2. thisldo

    5 Brush Pack

    I gave them a very quick try nevinwideman. They are lovely and so kind of you to share your talent with us less skilled.
  3. thisldo

    Mandala maker

    Oh Wow....amazing work Tamauro! I appreciate your sharing your talent with us.
  4. thisldo


    I love, love , love working with vector objects......but in my wildest dreams I could never imagine doing something as detailed and beautifully done as samples of your work. The project itself is stunning indeed, but just seeing the wireframe images were a treat in itself. I can only hope......and keep on trying. Please keep posting images of your work as it is so inspiring to those of us who are just starting out. To say I am in awe of your work is an understatement.
  5. thisldo

    Pattern Brushes Sample Set 2 [A] & Set 3 [A]

    Have not had a chance to use them as yet Stuart_R , but they look wonderful and I am sure will come in very handy in the near future. Thank you for this nice share.
  6. Just found this post and wanted to thank you for this nice and extremely useful share.
  7. thisldo

    Saxophone Work in progress

    This is stunning to say the very least jackamus. I so appreciate you sharing in this format so we can really see how you are accomplishing this amazing piece of artwork. I will never , ever be in this class but I can admire and strive. Thanks again and I look forward to seeing the finished piece.
  8. Good morning MEB, Yes, I did save to and attempt to open from an external drive. This sounds reasonable ....and probable ...to me. I did not think of the loss of connection possibility and the resulting possible corruption actually but it certainly is something to consider. After a hard drive crash a while ago resulting in considerable expense to reclaim some work, I set up an external drive. At first I was saving work to both, but lately I find I am remiss in saving to the hard drive and go directly to the external to save/retrieve. Since this "fail to save" has occurred several more times recently....both with much smaller images and less layers and after I have been away from the desk for a short period in which there was no activity, I am tending to think you have nailed the problem. At any rate it has given me something with which to work as to solving it. Thanks so much!
  9. thisldo

    AD crashes with stroke changes

    Thanks Chris B. Yes, I was using the pen tool and I am pretty sure I closed down the affected document , altho after this time I could not say with 100% surety. Anyway, I have been extremely careful since this to make sure that I have fewer running applications in the background and doing more frequent saves along the way. At this stage I have not encountered this particular issue with any regularity....leading me to think it may be indeed a resource issue and better management by myself. Thanks for your reply!
  10. No, that is something I did not try to do Leigh, mainly because the snapshot feature is something I really did not know about. Now I will explore that and see if it could be a solution. Very appreciative of your help and hope it will help me to resolve this issue. Sadly I cannot seem to do anything about the above image as far as further changes but it may indeed help if this comes up again as it has a couple of times in the past. Those times the image was not nearly so far along and I didn't really lose any work as I did this time. Am off to investigate the snapshot feature.
  11. No, I tried several times to give it a different name and got the same notice with each attempt. I even tried to see if I could save it to a different folder and also got the failed to save banner. I finally grouped all together and exported it as a .png but now I am unable to make any changes, which I had been able to do before. This is the first time I have received a notice like this and I have been using AD since the beta stages. I appreciate all the feedback and trying to help me solve this issue.
  12. Trying to save to my documents folder on an external drive, which is my usual place to keep all my drawings in progress.
  13. Created in Affinity Designer v1.6.4.104. Problem: I made this picture this morning and saved changes along the way as I usually do. I finally finished and did one last save (I thought) ...gave it a name...and saved as an .afdesign. Puttered around with other things for awhile....took a look at this one again and noticed that I had not added whiskers to the mouse on the bottom. I opened the image, ungrouped ....made the change to the whiskers, regrouped and attempted to save and got this notice. Then I tried to "save as" with a slight name change....got the same notice. Eventually I was able to group and export but was still unable to save the changes as an .afdesign image.. I seem to have developed the problem with this version of AD as I do not remember getting it with other versions. My question is it something I am inadvertently doing...or not doing?
  14. Thank you stokerg. I was afraid that was going to be the answer, but since having it in the Assets is working for me maybe this is why the developers made it this way. I think I only wanted to do it that way since I had always made and stored the shape in other programs. Ok then....on to other things and not worrying about it.
  15. I find I am having the occasional need for a custom shape. So far I have made one and put it in my Assets folder for quick use, which has been serving nicely, but was wondering if it is possible to install it into Affinity Designer as a tool so it will appear in my tool fly out? I've been able to do that in some of my other design programs but the need has just surfaced since I have switched over to AD. No real problem if it is not possible as I can continue with my present set up but would like to find out if it can be done with this one. Thank you for any help/input.