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  1. Well yes.....that remains a problem certainly. Also I am finding organizing the brushes in the way dictated by AD is still sort of clunky at best. At least for me it is. I know there must be an easier way for the brushes to be sorted, categorized, and easily found, and I do hope at some point the developers will take another look at improving this system. Anyway, thanks for your help. My set up is a little better now.....still much work to be done but it will give me a project.
  2. ~palm smack to forehead~ Why didn't I think of this? Thanks for helping v_kyr. I knew this but kept fretting over "not being able to do it" and overlooked the obvious. You're right of course, and I will set about getting them in some semblance of order right now!
  3. I am not sure if this is the correct forum in which to pose this question , but would someone please consider a way to let us organize our brushes in AD? Currently, they install as they are d/led and in no particular order. I have more than a few by one of my favorite artists and they are all over the place. I would like to be able to alphabetize them and so far I have been unable to find a way to do this. If I am missing a way to do it in the current version....then by all means I want to learn how to do it. If not, then please think about adding this capability. Thanks for giving consideration.
  4. thisldo

    Some Firework assets

    Oh my goodness! What a wonderful share v_kyr. It unpacked and imported into assets just perfectly. Thanks so much!!
  5. thisldo

    Annual Company Closure

    Y'all have more than earned a rest. Happy Holidays!
  6. thisldo

    Christmas Greetings

    Always ready to give it a try at least. Here is what I came up with for this sentiment.
  7. thisldo

    Xmas cookies/gingerbread

    Thank you for the very useful asset share v_kyr.
  8. thisldo

    December challenge - Festive fever

    Trying to keep the thread going with a holiday creation done in Affinity Designer. I am an unschooled designer doing this only for my own pleasure.
  9. thisldo

    Xmas silhouettes

    A wonderful share v_kyr. Thank you.
  10. Just d/led and gave them a quick try. They work beautifully!! This is so nice of you to share this amazing collection. Thanks!
  11. thisldo

    Some Fruit Assets

    Somehow I totally missed seeing these but I have now added them to my assets folder. I do so appreciate your kind sharing of your considerable talent.
  12. thisldo

    Pouting Lips (AD)

    I so hear you guys with this issue. My work is no where near this intricate and every time I open AD and finish a piece that is uppermost in my mind.....did I check that darned little box for each time I changed something? I wish we could have a default check....or a personalized setting that would stay. Must be a reason for not having it....but for what I do for fun I would really find it helpful. Did not mean to get off topic VectorVonDoom….Your work on these lips is sensational to say the least!
  13. thisldo

    Share your HALLOWEEN art

    I know I am way out of my league here but you guys look like you were having so much fun I wanted to join in as well.
  14. thisldo

    Inktober 2019

    I am always in awe of your work but this one....this one....is my favorite so far! That is until the next one anyway. So admire your talent.
  15. thisldo


    I am following this discourse between you two and would like to add my support for this venture. The book would most definitely be a success I'm sure! The eejits characters alone would be worth the price, and a story to go along with them would be the icing on the cake. Just know that I admire you two more than you know....

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