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  1. Thanks “firstdefence” selecting “ Greyscale 8bit in colour profile certainly seems to do the job. However, I really don’t think I should have to do that when I have a B&W image on screen.
  2. Sorry Guys, this does not give me the solution I’m looking for, viz, to select “sync”and have AP output to the printer. There must be something I have set wrong! For your information I have contacted Canon. Their answer is to send me “My Image Garden” download which does allow me to print in B&W. However, I don’t want to have to adopt a further process. ANY IDEAS DAN ?
  3. Hi Dan C, I am using a Mac. I would assume I have the latest drivers as I have only had the printer 8 months. Attached is the file Im trying to print'
  4. Hi, I’m trying to print a B&W image on my canon ip8750 printer,but each time it hs a brown cast. I have tried both “printer”and “sync “ options , but the result is always the same. Some detailed guidance would be gratefully received.
  5. Thank you Lee, View>Studio>Info gives me just what I was needing.
  6. I have an image I want to transfere the silloett of to a 1x2metre board. If I resize my image to 1x2m is there a grid overlay and coordinates reader I can use to plot the image to the the board by hand. Much like the colour picker gives a reading when you place the curser over a position on the screen.
  7. Thank you Carl, I will do. It your way.
  8. So Carl, what have you done to produce this version?
  9. Hi Alfred, I will try your suggestion later, but in the meantime, please find attached photo in question.
  10. Does anyone have a solution for removing the stress patterns that show up in toughened glass doors?
  11. Thanks James, I will give it a try. Sam
  12. I want to download a few tutorials to a usb drive or external hard drive to show members of my Camera Club what they are missing. The selected tutorials will be projected at a Club evening. Please advise,is this permitted and how do I do the download bit.
  13. Thanks Guys ,will try my normal scanner. Sam
  14. I have a collection of 35mm film negatives I would like to print from. Can someone recommend a scanner that will download to my computer . Is there software on AP that I will be able to use to process the neg and print out.
  15. Original pano constructed from 10 off 4000x6000 px images. Resampled using "Lanczos non-separable" ​Enlarging by 500% to compare original with resized