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  1. I'm on mac so I had to get the apps on the app store. Might have a backup of the old version in my backup drive. The new version replaced the old version without alerting me when I installed it, so I don't know if it's possible for both apps to be on the same machine at once. I don't mind if any of my new documents aren't openable, I just want a version of the app that doesn't have the huge, app breaking bugs that 1.7 has.
  2. First image shows a single pixel layer on gray rectangle background with no blur. Second picture shows exact same project with Gaussian blur added via fx on the pixel layer. As you can see, glitchy vertical banding appears.
  3. New version re-written blend modes produce glitchy results in a lot of situations for me. Didn't experience this in the previous version. The new version seems to have replaced the old version on my computer. Is there a way I can get the old version and is it possible to have both versions on the same machine simultaneously?
  4. Same bug from previous version. When using shift+drag to draw straight lines with Pixel brushes, unwanted lines connecting from the end of the previous stroke are inserted. Designer and Photo. designer bug.afdesign photo bug.afphoto
  5. Just tried it and got the same result still. Also tried getting rid of all selections before drawing a new line. Also, the initial stroke, before I've done anything else in the document, also gets a random line connected to its origin.
  6. Still having the same problem in Designer 1.7 beta. Now the unwanted lines are always connected to the end of the last line drawn.
  7. Was wondering about the exact same issue. Why does it work like this?
  8. In the attached image the diagonal strokes connected to the straight strokes appear when I draw a straight line with the pixel tool. it happens with the brush tool as well. The same bug occurs in both Photo and Designer (in pixel persona).
  9. I do a lot of stuff using power duplicate on semi-transparent layers to make repeated outlines appearing to move back into or forward out of the image. Sometimes it would just be much easier if I could duplicate behind.
  10. When I duplicate a layer, the new layer appears in front of the old one. Is there a way to set layers created through duplication to appear behind the original layer? I tried Layer>Insertion>Behind but it didn't change anything.
  11. I figured out an easy way. You can merge visible, getting the shape with the right colors and the background as an image. Then you can take the original shape, use the "color overlay" effect to turn it solid black, rasterize that, and use that as a mask on the merge visible image. Thanks for the replies Bri-toon.
  12. Right you can do that but the point is to rasterize only the foreground shape so that you can impose it over other images without having to do a really really detailed mask.
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