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  1. Let’s be positive, I am reassured by Ash’s words. I know none of us can tell what the future brings but the positives are a faster rate of development. It would be nice to have those things we’ve all wanted for years, like pathtrace and other transformations and effects.
  2. I think the problem is worse than that - it's just that - I wouldn't necessarily mind a subscription if it was priced competitively - the worst outcome are that the apps just become a platform for Canva upsell, full of adverts, nags and bloat. That's genuinely worse case for me. As they are, they are not perfect, but they are well designed and slick, but the future just seems not as bright.
  3. We’ve all been around the block and saw what happened to PaintShopPro when Corel acquired it (and how it turned into a bloated horrible mess). I feel sad that the Affinity apps will head in the same direction. Really is a sad day.
  4. Yep. No changes to the pricing structure, until we change it.
  5. It’s very concerning indeed. I think it’s inevitable they will make it a subscription, which pretty much removes it’s usp. Very sad day.
  6. does deleting /Users/username/Library/Application Support/Affinity Photo 2/mru.dat fix the issue for you? if so, just delete this from each apps' profile folder and that should work around the problem for now!
  7. Hello there, with the halftone filter screen mode selected as 'circle', the bands radiate from the centre of the canvas, is there any way to move this off centre? with some filters you can click drag to re-locate the origin point of the filter, but not here it seems... unless I'm going mad? on another note, are there any more creative / artistic filters planned for the V2 apps?
  8. Ah, hadn't spotted it. If anybody from Serif is reading this, I can say that I was using the larger print presents, all the time, several times a week. Please put them back!
  9. Just noticed that A2,A1,A0 sizes have been removed... I know I can add them again manually, but seems a backwards step that they were removed in V2?
  10. To reproduce: Create a new Publisher document and embed a PDF with say, 10 pages and select this page in the context toolbar. Re-save out the PDF to have fewer pages and then select Replace Document in Publisher. Publisher will close without an error message. Workaround: Before replacing the PDF file, select a lower page number that exists in the new document.
  11. Will v2 be available to download from 9th or is just an announcement and they will be available at some point after? really looking forward to v2, btw can’t wait to see what you’ve been working on.
  12. I can’t help but feel that you’ve got a lot of apps running in the background here - Take a look at the Idrivedeamon, look at how many open ports it has - and then after the machine has been rebooted - there something leaking on your machine, for sure! As a starting point, would be sensible to uninstall everything that runs in the background at start up and see if the problem goes away - try and get your Mac back to as clean state as possible - to me, there is far far too much going on with your machine to say conclusively this problem has anything to do with Affinity directly, rather than as a side effective of one of those other apps, and your process list extends way beyond the screen too.
  13. I've been wanting to create a booklet where an element on the front cover wraps over to the back cover - like in this quick mock up attached - and this might be a photo, but could be a line or vector - is there a way this can be done (or have I got got to do it manually?
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