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  1. howdy :) is there a way to save export settings in affinity photo — make user defined presets? for example, different size .jpegs, resample & quality settings for future use & applications? i dont see an option for this in the export window nor a way to edit/save the default presets thank you! :)
  2. integration with canon proline printers canon pro-4000 printer plug in for their canon 'print studio pro' interface so we can make sweet prints that we've made using affinity photo :) pretty please with sugar on top :)
  3. shouldnt the sky be almost black & the green leaves white with infrared photography? for example, with konica film stock ah, ok, that was a color demo converting to b&w by adding an extra adjustment layer will give the photo an infrared look of b&w film stock layer>adjustment layer>black&white red=300% cyan=0% blue=140%