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  1. thank you for your response, firstdefense i opened your examples. with css coding & film editing, tolerances need to be zero pixels (without any excess transparency) in the image or text image files, when we code or edit we add pixel 'padding' or 'margin' or adjust the frame size or mask as needed during the design phase of building websites or editing/animating footage (respectively). it is the job of the designer to hand the film editor &/or coder proper files so as to not create more work down the line in the workflow/production future feature request 'trim' 'based on transparency' thanks again!
  2. thank you for your response we are a production company making movies, animations, websites from scratch via coding, all in house. we are adding 'padding' with css & animating affinity exports in final cut pro & motion from affinity exports yes, we have affinity photo we want to quickly remove excess transparency & keep the art only, to code affinity exports & also for animating layers (both text & image layers) during production (also using alpha channels) here are two screenshots of before/after-> thank you! amazing app, love affinity, affinity rocks, we use it in all productions!
  3. thank you, fixx! :) but, selecting text (with selection tool or text tool) & exporting as .svg & Export > 'Selection area/only' didnt work, it did export but Designer added extra transparency to the file & also added extra kerning. thank you though! :)
  4. howdy Designer — Trim/Crop based on transparency? im trying quickly to trim/crop/remove area of several documents based on empty/transparency i only need the images/text without any excess transparency, the .svg files will be coded in css stylesheets is there a feature/tool for this? thank you in advance #trim #crop #transparency #designer #html5 #css #code #stylesheets #website
  5. lol! how did i miss that big button in preferences that says — 'keyboard shortcuts!' thank you, @walt.farrell! stay safe!
  6. howdy :) does anyone know how to customize the keyboard commands in affinity photo? thank you in advance :) ^-^
  7. howdy :) is this a 'feature' or a #bug? with more than one photograph open, & i select & try to edit the selected image with let's say text, the edit does not occur on the selected document instead a non-selected document becomes selected & the one which is suppose to take the edit deselects. this behaviour forces affinity to not be able to work with multiple images opened at one time. is this a feature or a bug? to reiterate, with multiple photographs open, a selected photograph never takes an adjustment, instead an unselected photo (document window under selection) becomes selected to take the edit. (an unselected photograph — not the intended one — becomes selected.) any ideas? thank you in advance macos 10.13.x affinity photo 1.8.3
  8. thank you for your advise, bruce & kaffeepause & rc-r i'll work on this after i finish an editing project im on. i havent reinstalled Publisher & stopped using Designer until film editing project is finished. i dumped the finder cache ~/Library/Caches/com.apple.finder/Cache.db, Cache.db-shm, Cache.db-wal 'safe mode' -> https://www.victorfoto.com/tutorials/e_osx_vf/e_osx_vf.html thanks again
  9. i uninstalled Affinity Publisher now the Affinity Photo icon appears instead of Quicktime. also, as a test i created a new macos user to access the external media drives & the same thing happened Affinity Photo incorrectly thinks it is one of its files but it is not — these are Camera RED RAW video files this should be a thumbnail icon of the RED RAW footage i verified this on two different user operating systems any ideas? thank you in advance i do not want to uninstall Affinity Photo nor do i want to uninstall Affinity Designer
  10. thank you, old bruce for your response :) yes, i restarted but issue is still there. im about to uninstall Publisher
  11. macos 10.13 Affinity Publisher 1.7.3 is Defaulting as the Default app for video? when/after importing many thousands of video files from professional cinematography cameras, canon, red, etc into macos 10.13 Publisher is defaulting as the application to open the file causing the video to be inoperable? video used to import fine prior to installing Affinity Publisher anyone else having this issue? the video & icon should be defaulting to Quicktime file format & Quicktime icon not Publisher changing the default application in the 'info' window in the Finder does not help any ideas? thank you in advance
  12. howdy :) is there a way to save export settings in affinity photo — make user defined presets? for example, different size .jpegs, resample & quality settings for future use & applications? i dont see an option for this in the export window nor a way to edit/save the default presets thank you! :)
  13. integration with canon proline printers canon pro-4000 printer plug in for their canon 'print studio pro' interface so we can make sweet prints that we've made using affinity photo :) pretty please with sugar on top :)
  14. shouldnt the sky be almost black & the green leaves white with infrared photography? for example, with konica film stock ah, ok, that was a color demo converting to b&w by adding an extra adjustment layer will give the photo an infrared look of b&w film stock layer>adjustment layer>black&white red=300% cyan=0% blue=140%
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