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  1. What I meant is that after switching back to the basic category, did you reselect one of the basic brushes ?
  2. Works as expected for me. Did you select that brush when switching to the other preset category ?
  3. Hi ChEV, If the intention was to only sharpen the rock, I would add a Unsharp Mask live filter adjustment, then apply the adjustments as desired, invert the mask (CTRL+I or Layer > Invert) and then use a white brush to paint the adjustment back in. _M7A8859_adj.afphoto
  4. I suppose that's because you have three identical image layers on top of each other. If you're masking the middle one you wont see any changes !! If you still cant sort it out, please attach the .afphoto file you're working on
  5. After you selected the mask layer ,you can use a black brush to mask unwanted parts. If you want to edit/ finetune the mask, it's ALT + click. When done, click on the "Arrière plan" to exit the editing
  6. That depends on the type of brush and the settings for opacity,flow and hardness in the context toolbar.
  7. This is often caused by increasing contrast and / or sharpening too much. If you add a new pixel layer on top and set it's blend mode to darken. And then select the clone brush and set the source to current layer and below. You can easily clone that thin line away . CloneDarkenMode.mp4
  8. It has to do with the zoom level. But does not affect the final result.
  9. I think you shifted the selection to the right which reveals the (white) canvas !
  10. Are there crash dump files created ? Dir Location: %AppData%\Affinity\Photo\1.0\CrashReports\reports
  11. If you click on the hamburger icon in Develop Persona, you can save your RAW changes as a preset. unfortunately you have to make a separate preset for each tab (.. lens, details, tones etc.) for which you have made changes. These presets are stored in the global develop.propcol file ( Dir %appdata%\Affinity\Photo\1.0\user (Windows) ).
  12. Well, there should at least exist a "Default" category. Clicking on "create new category" doesn't show a popup, it immediately creates a new category named "macros" which you can rename to whatever.
  13. If you have a one layered document active and transparent background is not checked ( = white canvas), then what you see is correct.
  14. As far as i can see, there are no categories defined ! You need at least one to save your macro into.
  15. Maybe it has something to do with the amount of fonts installed on your system !!
  16. Indeed, CTRL + SHIFT + C makes a flattened (rasterised) copy. I overlooked it.
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