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  1. Thank You @G13RL ! I was Hoping that wasn't the answer... You can do so much in Affinity Photo with Text... it seems you should easily be able to do this. But I love the program still... came over from Adobe PS... and NOT LOOKING BACK. do you use Affinity Designer as well? I have it... but havent really used it. I'm wondering if I could do this easily in there... Thanks again PS... I just read the whole thread you linked... it seems I could do it in Designer and then bring it over. Double thanks!!!
  2. I KNOW this has a simple solution. But for weeks now (watching YouTube vids looking for an answer)... I can't figure out how to simply 'curve' my text. I need to curve text to follow the circular path of a CD Layout. (to print text on the edge of a CD). All I could find is info on creating 'paths'... but I am horribly inexperienced with that and I'm hoping there is an easier way. I feel dumb asking... but here I am... asking. thanks for any help!
  3. New to Affinity. NOT an expert with Graphics and/or tech in general. I bought a 'XP Pen Deco 03' to use with Affinity. I REALLY want to learn the software AND this hardware. Please excuse my 'noobiness'. I'm wondering what are your guys' preferences with your drawing tablet setups. and more specifically... I am having an issue with the 'pen pressure' of my own. I have to press so hard to get the pen to respond and it seems no matter what I set inside the 'XP Pen' software does not change that. I am a bit confused as to how/if I can change it INSIDE Affinity's options.
  4. Thank You Upfront for your help. Let me explain what I will be using Affinity Photo & Designer for: I do a lot of 'Logos' and/or Tshirts layouts for people. My Process is to actually sketch, then ink out the designs by hand. Then I scan them with the goal of 'cleaning them up' somewhat before presenting them to clients officially. I am NOT trained in any kind of 'pro' graphic schooling. Although I have over a decade of experience doing logos/layouts (mostly in Adobe PS) - there are so many basics that I simply do NOT understand. NOW... the issues I am having. I ultimately want to learn how to scan my inked artwork in and be able to present it officially as 'vectorized'. BUT what I tend to end up with is VERY pixelated conclusions. Its hard for me to 'draw' the logos inside the actual program bc I simply prefer - and am highly experienced at doing it by hand. And the logos in which I design (especially if they are more album 'layouts' or Tshirt designs) are very detailed, making it near impossible for me to scan and 'trace' inside Affinity & Designer as some have suggested. (I've attached a pic as an example). I could use, from you, my new Affinity Fam... ANY help in understanding how to use Photo & Designer for my specific purposes: Scanning detailed artwork, 'cleaning it up', and finalizing it as a detailed and NOT pixelated product ('Vectorizing'?)
  5. Ok... @firstdefence & @R C-R & @Arnaud Mez You guys are awesome for replying. Let me answer your questions / address your suggestions: 1. I am only using my laptop trackpad. I am NOT using my XP Pen (I only used that a few times to see how it works with Affinity Software... I'm actually having 'pressure' issues but thats a WHOLE nutha topic I'll start elsewhere). So I am ONLY having this 'right-click' issue with my laptop trackpad (MAC book Pro, High Sierra OS 10.13.4.) 2. Still having the issue with 'shift'/move 'Handles'... just moving the 'Handles' is supposed to resize equally on both 'sides' of the object automatically... mine is not doing that. I have to hold down shift. Report: I have changed my pc preferences to match @Arnaud Mez 's. SO FAR... I have not had the 'right-click' problem!
  6. @R C-R Yup... I just checked. None of the settings seem to be changed. ------ Plus, like I mentioned last, it will 'right-click' a few times... and then do the right thing ('select') on the 4rth or 5th time. It's really vexing me! I noticed also that when I hold Shift down on the 'Handle', it doesn't resize the selected object equally on both sides like its supposed to. Such simple things.... but really frustrating obviously. If anyone has had the same problem and fixed it... let me know! Thank you guys
  7. @R C-R I Agree with you completely. Its what I was thinking... that somehow my 'right-click' got reversed . I do have a XP Pen pad (but its a whole 'nother issue of a learning curve that I've only used a couple times in Affinity.. and when I'm having this issue I wasnt using the pen/pad). And I was also messing around with the 'Shortcut Keys' (although I never touched the 'move tool' or any kind of 'right click' option). So I'm going to double check those options. Funny thing is... I will select the 'Handle'... 5/8 times it will open the 'right click' menu... then on the 6th time, without me doing anything different, it will work as it should.
  8. Context: -I am a Hobbyist at Best. -I am a Self-admitted Technical-Tard (no offense to the 'politically correct). -I am an 'Old School' Artist (real Pens, Pencils, Paintbrushes is what I'm Used to) -I've used PS for 15 Years and can't stand it. Can't wait to understand/use Affinity better. -I will be using Affinity to do album layouts, and clean up artwork for printing (using Designer to cleanup my logos). 1st Problem: In AFF Photo & Designer.... I keep having a simple problem with the 'selecting' of items, specifically the 'Move Tool' & Resizing. If you look at the pic I attached... when I go to the corner 'node' of a shape to apply a simple 'size change' from that corner... more often than not it seems to act as a 'Right Click' and brings up a menu. I simply want to select the corner and change the size of what I selected. I'm having this issue in Photo & Designer. I know its probably a setting I'm not used to. And I know someone WAY smarter than I is going to (say "Dang this dude is dumb!" in their head) and help me out with this one. I Thank You Ahead of Time! ps... I love Affinity so far. I literally used my last dime to buy the software JUST off watching you guys work in the Serif programs. So I want to really attack all the 'problems' I have and learn to use Affinity well so I can support it and recommend it it.
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