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  1. Thanks for the FAST help, after I updated Photo this morning the vignette tool came to life, I don't know what the update was about but the program seems to have sorted it's self out. Thanks for the assist! Pete
  2. Yes, that was exactly what I was doing on several of my attempts. I am currently downloading a update that came up after my post, I will be attempting again after the update. I'm on a slow connection, so it will be an hour or so. Thanks, Pete
  3. After downloading my paid version last night (Windows version, on a Asus UX490) I had no results using any available instructions over a 2 hour period. The only way I could get a vignette was if I loaded a unprocessed RAW file and the first thing I did was apply the vignette. No results at all with JPEG, TIFF, or any partially worked files. Loading the same files in Photo Director 9, or ACDsee ultimate I was able to produce a vignette on the various files. I love what I can do with Affinity Photo, and I really liked the quality of Affinity's Vignette. What do we need to do to work around this flaw?
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