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  1. Maybe shape has not closed curve?
  2. Your advices are helpful, thanks. It is fine for simple situations, in complex drawing with a lot of lines it will be not so beautiful. But my request for Join tool options still opened. Precise snapping requires time and zoom. It is not necessary for such simple operation as the nodes joining. Two different buttons (and shortcuts): Join together (two nodes into one) and Join bridge (line between two nodes) - no need to zoom or snap, just select two nodes and apply the required operation. Simple, fast, reliable.
  3. Did you see my previous video with attempts? I want to get answer from support. It is not hard to make two buttons instead of one: Join together (two nodes into one) and Join bridge (line between two nodes). That's all I want from Affinity Designer for comfortable work.
  4. 1. Select curves 2. Adjust and snap nodes into position 3. Join nodes 4. Check the nodes joined or bridged (line between them) and repeat from step1 if bridged vs 1. Select curves 2. Combine curves 3. Join nodes from any distance (100% no bridge line guarantee) As you can see Corel uses two different tools, one is for join (two node into one node) and another one is for bridge (line connect between two nodes). But in AD the join tool sometimes works like connect tool. Do you think it is reliable? AD has connect tool, so why join tool does work sometimes like connect?
  5. How many steps for pretty simple action! Just take a look on how it is easy and reliable have to be done:
  6. Snap to selected curves is enabled (but I tried with snap to object geometry too, the same thing happens every time). I have to join curves many times and every time I need to check is it joined correctly (two nodes into one). It is very annoying and slow down the speed of work. Join tool isn't reliable and needs improvements. Moreover, the join tool is able to leave doubles (two nodes of one curve that are placed almost in the same position). Those doubles are prohibited in professional pre-press requirements.
  7. Hello! Take a look at my attempts to join curves without line between them (I want to join two nodes into one, last attempt is successful). Please! Make it possible to select type of join (two nodes into one node or line between two nodes). Or\And please make autojoin option (combination with snap and join tool) because it is very hard to do the precise adjustment for positions of two nodes to join them into one node.
  8. I just want to up the thread and my question for support about join feature improvement.
  9. Auto-Join (SnapAndJoin) option would be more useful. Select two curves, take one curve's node, drag it to another curve's node and it will be snapped and joined automatically to the target node. Hope, it will be implemented soon. Nothing extraordinary, just mix the snap node option and join function at once, one checkbox (SnapAndJoin automatically on\off) How to ask developers for that?
  10. Forget Merge option. It is not matter in this case. Here is Affinity Designer 1.6.5 and my attempts to join two segments properly (without any hidden lines and overlapping nodes):
  11. I like Affinity Designer interface very much! But overlapping nodes and color filled non-closed shapes are the problems. How to avoid these? How to correct these at once? I respect Affinity team for their work and just wanting to point at some issues to make this software better and comfortable.
  12. Of course, I know that vector nodes are unable to have cross-connections or intersections. I did work with 2 free nodes from separate curves. It is an example of real graphics where you have many other shapes that can affect on your precision. But, if you are not 100% precise then the join will perform the connect (bridge) for two nodes. Otherwise, it will join two nodes to one. This precision placement requires more attention and time. I have to be sure that two selected nodes will be converted (joined) to one node without any hidden (non-visible) bridges between them. Is it clear explanation?
  13. Would be nice to have "Remove doubles" or "Join doubles" button to remove nodes are placed very close to each other (with distance option).
  14. Each time I have to check these nodes are connected or bridged (connected by line):