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  1. Please add auto-weld (auto-join) option for curve editing. It will be extremely useful for workflow. 1) Auto-weld automatically when drag one node on another 2) Auto-weld button with specified distance between nodes (example: select all nodes of curve, press auto-weld by distance). Also please fix: nodes handles are changing their direction when two nodes join together.
  2. Not database please, just XMP files near the raw files. It will make it compatible with third party applications (such as LRtimelapse that operate with XMP files data).
  3. Found the same thing. Corner tool works incorrect after Boolean operations. Save and reopening procedure works for it.
  4. OMG, photons are emitted, electrons are initiated... Please don't think as technician, in this case it is all about UI experience and design.
  5. Not agree with you! Copy, paste from clipboard, read\save settings to external file - simple and basic functions for any software. Give us at least temporary tools before the main DAM release.
  6. +1 Would be nice to have these settings are compatible with Photoshop\LR through XMP format. Photoshop creates XMP files near Raw files for storing ACR parameters setup. Affinity Photo has nice raw develop tool but it lacks the batch raw settings functions, even no tool for copy and save develop settings.
  7. Ahhh.. Ha ))) Hope you are not developer of AP )
  8. Had never seen it before in other software. Mathematically it is correct but looks weird for raster image editor where the pixel is a smallest element of image (despite of subpixels in hardware).
  9. So boring and complicated as for 2020 year. Affinity Photo already has exif data tool, so why not to save it to XMP for next session or for using in third party software. Can't understand and have no answer for myself.
  10. Is it bug or feature? Decimal pixel size appears after proportional document resizing.
  11. We are in Affinity Photo thread. Inhouse XMP compatibility and batch raw processing are demanded. It is not about others, it is about smooth workflow in Affinity Photo.
  12. Affinity's Raw develop persona is a very accurate and good. I am sure, now it could be easily and fast to implement XMP core and batch raw processing. Don't know why Serif doesn't complete this extremely demand task as fast as possible. There are a lot of photographers work with huge raw series, not only only by one.
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