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  1. jarcon

    Reset selection box doesn't reset with text

    Thanks! This help to solve the problem It will be great if Affinity solve this directly, and in a more intuitive way.
  2. Draw a curve and rotate it any degree (screen shot 1), click the reset selection box and it looks great! (Screen shot 2), now convert it into a text frame, type anything and the text will be rotated! (Screen shot 3). I was expecting that after applying the "reset selection tool" button, the curve will keep this property in the future, but it goes back if you convert the curve into a text frame. Perhaps I'm doing something wrong. If there is another way to do it, please let me know, but it will be great if it can work also in this way. Thank you for creating this great software.
  3. jarcon

    inaccurate divide tool

    Draw a ring, duplicate it, move it, and divide it and you will get a handmade drawing! I was expecting a nice and perfect shape after dividing two curves, but the result is terrible (Check second screen shot). Not only give an ugly shape, but change the areas that are not intersected, and shouldn't be modified as you can see in the third screen shot. I love this software, but please fix this bug.
  4. jarcon

    Inaccurate expand stroke

    Draw a circle with border, expand stroke and you get an oval! Expand stroke is a very useful tool, but is not accurate, at least with circles as you can see in the screen shot. Please fix this bug.
  5. It seems that the bug was on me, jajajaja, thanks!
  6. When you add the bevel/emboss effect you can change the light direction. The problem is that the shadow should be at the opposite side of the light.
  7. jarcon

    Divide function misbehave

    Thank you!
  8. jarcon

    Pathfinder Tools Issues, Memory Drain

    I have the same issue, I just hope the affinity team solve this bug really soon.
  9. jarcon

    Divide function misbehave

    Sometimes, when you divide some curved shapes the result are so many extralayers and curves. If the operation involves curves and some intersection, the amount of layers are so vast that crashes my laptop. As an example, create an elipse, copy the layer four times and arrange the elipse as a veen diagram (check the attached image 1). if you select the four elipses and divide them you will get what you expected: 8 curves. However, if before dividing the curves you have a fifth elipse and place it in the center of the diagram, select the five elipses and divide them, instead of 16 curves, you will get 152 curves. (check the attached image 2).
  10. Thank you carl123, the convert to text frame option sounds interesting. The only issue is that in my work flow, sometimes is required to modify some text, or even to relocate it, and I don't know if using this method might require to redo it again. If not, that will be great! Thanks again!
  11. Do you know if the text wrapping option is comming on this roadmap?
  12. I'm really happy using this software, and I have noticed that bridge allow to have a 100% view of the photo by pressing the space bar. It will be great if affinity photo allow you automatically fit the photo at 100% on the screen, without nothing else. Just one more tab to make the magic work!
  13. I created a macro to place a signature on my photos (Affinity designer file). It work fine if the size of the photo is the same than the one where I created the macro, otherwise, the proportion of the placed document is wrong.
  14. Thank you so much for this extremely useful videos! It will be really useful to show the dates of all the videos in order to know if we already watch it or not. Thanks!
  15. A batch watermark macro option with export options will be really useful.