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  1. Some years had passed since this reply, and this request is still relevant. There are so many advantages to be able to export as HTML. The user can define the slices and the program can add the images and backgrounds as part of a table and the text, buttons and links can be interactive. There are programs like outlook that are vastly used and don't offer the possibilities to create a good looking email. If we can export as HTML, the process is easy and affinity becomes an important part of the process of the communications team. Just imagine the possibilities and new customers that this implementation can offer.
  2. If you create a line with different pressure and then you want it to be dotted, the app doesn't show it properly and looks as a continuous line. However if you rasterize the line, the dotted line will be visible, but the pressure will disappear.
  3. Hello! I seems that it's working now. Thank you for your help.
  4. I need help! I was working on a file and I wanted to apply a pixel selection using channels. I create the selection, make a new spare channel and after working in the image, I press the spare channel and everything became black and white and the thumbnails of each layer became the same. I thought it was a problem in the program, because it crashed just before. I can't revert this, undo is not possible because I save the file and I didn't activate the option to save the history with the file. The program still recognize the vector lines but all the pixel layers are the same. No idea how to fix it, but it's extremely important for me. Thank you again for making such great tool!
  5. Thank you Bruce, but the images are ok. If this will be the case, there should not be any change on rotation when the preview is changed from one record to another.
  6. I had created a picture frame and rotated 90 º, then I wanted to add an image using data merge from an excel file and it works perfect, except when I use the data merge manager to explore different records, the imported images doesn't rotate, so I have to do it manually every time I check a different record. If I go back to the first record, the rotation is wrong. It will be great if the imported image heritage the same properties of the picture frame.
  7. Sometimes, when you create a book, the number of the page doesn't match the order of the page. Let me explain. Let's say that we want to print a book and the way to join the pages is with stapler hooks. Each sheet of paper is folded in the middle, creating four pages in the sheet. It means that the next page to read is not necessarily the next in the same paper. In this case, the page numbering changes on each sheet of paper and is not continuous but changes accordingly to the amount of sheets to be folded in the book. It will be great if there is a way how to solve this automatically, and is highly possible that this option is there but I don't know how to use it. If someone knows how to solve it, it will help me a lot.
  8. We are still waiting to be able to use affinity suite only, but it seems that this will take way more time that expected, meanwhile, what can we use for RAW batch processing on develop persona similar to Lightroom?
  9. It didn’t work the first time I try it, but after the third attempt it worked! Thank you again not only for such wonderful app but for the service behind it!
  10. Good evening, I have been trying to use Affinity Photo but it's not opening. I delete it and install it again, but the problem remains. I also have Affinity Designer and Publisher, but this ones are working fine. Actually if I open the file from Affinity Publisher and from there I go to Affinity Photo, then I can use it, but this is not how it's suppose to work, isn't it?. This is really urgent, please reply as soon as possible. Technical details: MacBook Air 11inch mid 2012; Mac OS Mojave 10.14.6; Affinity Photo 1.8.3
  11. I tough I was missing something, but it seems to be an improvement opportunity for the Affinity Suite. This option has been included on Affinity Publisher (as a linking option) and it will be awesome to have it in the rest of the programs.
  12. Is there any way to visually identify the different sections of a file? (Check the image)
  13. Export as HTML based on styles will be extremely useful and will give an extended dimension to all the Affinity Suite.
  14. In the FX dialog you can change several parameters and it will be really useful to jump to the next parameter using the tab button.
  15. Sometimes, after duplicating a page, the duplicated page lost the master properties. Check the image.
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