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  1. It didn’t work the first time I try it, but after the third attempt it worked! Thank you again not only for such wonderful app but for the service behind it!
  2. Good evening, I have been trying to use Affinity Photo but it's not opening. I delete it and install it again, but the problem remains. I also have Affinity Designer and Publisher, but this ones are working fine. Actually if I open the file from Affinity Publisher and from there I go to Affinity Photo, then I can use it, but this is not how it's suppose to work, isn't it?. This is really urgent, please reply as soon as possible. Technical details: MacBook Air 11inch mid 2012; Mac OS Mojave 10.14.6; Affinity Photo 1.8.3
  3. I tough I was missing something, but it seems to be an improvement opportunity for the Affinity Suite. This option has been included on Affinity Publisher (as a linking option) and it will be awesome to have it in the rest of the programs.
  4. Is there any way to visually identify the different sections of a file? (Check the image)
  5. Export as HTML based on styles will be extremely useful and will give an extended dimension to all the Affinity Suite.
  6. In the FX dialog you can change several parameters and it will be really useful to jump to the next parameter using the tab button.
  7. Sometimes, after duplicating a page, the duplicated page lost the master properties. Check the image.
  8. Sometimes the layers view present an error. Check the image.
  9. I had created a text box and I would like to fill it with a color and even change the stroke. If this option already exist it will be great to learn how to do it, otherwise, it can be an interesting implementation because this will avoid an extra layer as a background for the text.
  10. It will be great to be able to copy and paste FX like Photo and Designer works.
  11. Affinity publisher is constantly closing.
  12. Thank you again! Your reply is really useful.
  13. Sometimes you require to align the nodes of shapes which it's nodes are not in the corner of the shape (see image 1), and it will be great if this can be done without modifying the shape to be align. I imagine that in the future this could be done in a new node option, in the alignment button (Image 1 and 2). If this can be already done, I would be more than happy to learn that. Thank you again for this amazing software!
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