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  1. Thank you carl123, the convert to text frame option sounds interesting. The only issue is that in my work flow, sometimes is required to modify some text, or even to relocate it, and I don't know if using this method might require to redo it again. If not, that will be great! Thanks again!
  2. Do you know if the text wrapping option is comming on this roadmap?
  3. I'm really happy using this software, and I have noticed that bridge allow to have a 100% view of the photo by pressing the space bar. It will be great if affinity photo allow you automatically fit the photo at 100% on the screen, without nothing else. Just one more tab to make the magic work!
  4. I created a macro to place a signature on my photos (Affinity designer file). It work fine if the size of the photo is the same than the one where I created the macro, otherwise, the proportion of the placed document is wrong.
  5. Thank you so much for this extremely useful videos! It will be really useful to show the dates of all the videos in order to know if we already watch it or not. Thanks!
  6. A batch watermark macro option with export options will be really useful.
  7. I would also love to have a photo manager from Affinity. Adobe bridge doesn't show thumbnails of affinity, and I don't think they will fix that soon. Certainly a DAM is a good option, and I would like to have an hybrid like this: The speed and work flow of photo mechanic (ingest, catalog, export and share really fast with color flags), and the keynote option. Bridge tools. Apple Photos (the timeline between years, months, days, events to preview really fast; and the face recognition), only that, the rest is awful in this app. The less time you take importing and converting for bulk development, making a catalog, exporting for different sizes and qualities options in bulk and even adding watermarks, etc, the more you will be enjoying taking photos and perhaps making money with it. I will be more than glad to but this solution from Affinity.
  8. I would love to have a proper tutorial about web page construction, from the design with the new options until the working web site. Thanks!!!
  9. If I'm working on designer or photo, from time to time the screen becomes blue with patterns, or like noise, or black and sometimes restart my laptop (MacBook Pro early 2011). It started since I updated to the last version of affinity designer, or since I change my laptop battery. However, it only happens when I'm using affinity software. If this is a software issue it will be great if you can solve it. Thank you again for this great software!
  10. Recently the affinity website change the tutorial link and takes you to Vimeo channel. I prefer how it was before because it allow you to watch in a more organized way the video by products (designer and photo). If the Vimeo channel become more organized it will be fine.
  11. Until now, affinity does everything I need. What have you found that is missing?
  12. Just imagine some ideas, it might be part of the export persona; with full editable properties like author, tittle, description, copyright, etc...
  13. Hello! I'm having the same problem, but I thought it was already fixed. Black tiff files. I tried to export as PDF, but the colors doesn't match. Can you help me with this issue?
  14. Thanks! I hope the affinity team implement this feature soon
  15. Something is running on my mind! What if the iPad and the Mac work together? I don't know the iPad version, but I'm not sure if it will provide all the tools that the mac version offer, but what if they work together and/or independent?. I just imagine working on the field, taking photos, uploading it on my iPad and making some edition on the go, then i reach home, turn on my iMac and then I keep working, using my iPad as a capture tablet, instead using my mouse, but with all the power of the Mac version. It will be one of the few apps that will break the division between iOS and OS, communicating two devices for the same purpose, a better way to create, edit and share your designs and photos.