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  1. Another idea is to: - simply close like actually is - holding CTRL + mouseclick on abort / x tab development to close this image without question - holding CTRL + mouseclick on quit (app) for closing all images and app without questions
  2. Besides, i really like this idea! Maybe, @Fritz_H should file a new issue?
  3. I think a view mode is lastly again a new button to click all the time. What if you have 40 RAWs opened and working on just 3. Some new ones will be opened via explorer, other ones will be closed. A view mode is again a need to click it. I just want to disable all are you sure questions. Yes, i am. At least, i like the idea view mode, but here it wouldn't help me that much.
  4. The startup time of Affinity tools is ok, but i have to open dozens of images very often (in AP on Windows) and i really dislike running applications for tab order, so i have to close them. So, it would be really really helpful to just close Photo, Designer and Publisher only into the System Tray. Over this, i want to start all those tools (explicitly AP) at system startup and close it into the Tray at startup, so it will be opened directly when opening a file. Please give some settings for that.
  5. I am shooting only RAW images and permanently open them in AP. But, every file must be abort RAW development to close and with several windows i have to click for dozens and dozens of times on abort and yes or for closing tab on yes to this every time. Boah is this annoying. Please give me a setting to disable that. I just want to close this/all file/s without any of this.
  6. @Chris B I have a hybrid, Optimus, Nvidia NVS 4200M + Intel HD3000 onboard, but, as said, because of it's lags overall there is no usecase - i didn't get any increases when switching to nvidia here
  7. Thanks, everything looks good now (running Intel) The nVidia does not have any truly usecase on my machine
  8. Thanks for testing - because of that i remembered an nVidia driver error - switched to intel onboard graphics it works ! +1 So, this is related to the nVidia driver. Thanks
  9. I tried to open a sample found in the web for a cam i want to buy. Photo immediality crashes while opening; the camera (Panasonic Lumix GX80/85) is on the supported cam list. P1030343.RW2
  10. Hello everybody, I would like in Designer and Photo at the start of the program or a new document, not to specify a size and device type, so a kind of blank document. The reason is, I usually just want to make some designs, sketches or retouching and every time before I have to think of a format that I neither complete completely (because I'm only testing different things), then finally can use it. But that also bothers with any other program and always restricts me. Technically, theoretically and practically, it would have to be easy to start with an indeterminate size and adjust it in RAM if necessary. Even printing etc. should not be a problem. You can always export / save the page in a fixed format or just let selected objects be centered when printing or as PDF. In any case, I would find that very relieving if I did not have to choose a size or a device type at startup.
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