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  1. Just bought AP, since I'm sick and tired of Adobe products getting worse and worse. I have years of pro experience in design, but am only doing it as a side gig these days, and do more photography. I'm looking for a tool that I can quickly crank hundreds of photos through. This seems alright as a P'shop replacement, but what I'm really looking for is a replacement for the newly and unjustly de-buffed Bridge. Lightroom is an unwieldy behemoth that devours hard drive space and can't handle SSDs and removable media, and the subscription model is an absolute deal killer for me. The RAW editor in AP seems almost there but not quite, though it will have to also operate in terms of folders of many files, and handle metadata features, and fast bulk export is a must. I'd also like tethered capture features as well. Also, it would be even more awesome if this was also available for Android tablets.
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